“You have been a true fan since day one,” T.J Watt invites lucky fan over for dinner to make up for unseen text messages

T.J Watts called Jersey Jerry his number one fan.

T.J Watt

Trent Jordan Watt popularly known as T.J Watt plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL) as an outside linebacker. He was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft.

T.J Watt is an extremely popular sports personality. Hence it is natural that he has a lot of fan following. However, there is one fan in specific who is a huge Watt supporter and has been following his game for a long time.

T.J Watt replies to Jersey Jerry after he revealed their chat messages

Jersey Jerry is a die-hard T.J Watt fan and has been an avid supporter since his initial days. He has sent loads of text messages to Watt on his Instagram profile. Unfortunately, he has never been given a reply and this has not gone down well with him.

Your gunna do great this year. I can’t wait. Huge Steelers fan. Glad they chose you man.”

TJ Watt for the Pittsburg Steelers
TJ Watt for the Pittsburg Steelers

So appy to see you ball out this year wow your great.” “You are a goat 🐐“.” Your my favourite player man. You probably get that everyday but I been following you since college bro.” These were some of the messages he had sent.

Jerry took to Twitter to share his disappointment and shared the screenshots of the countless messages he had sent to T.J Watt.”@_TJWatt I guess @BarstoolBigCat was right maybe we were never meant to be friends or do dinner one day,” he wrote.

However this time around he did receive a reply and not just any reply, he infact got a dinner invitation from T.J Watt! Watt has called him his number one fan and said he would like to have dinner with him someday.

Gotta be honest @Jerrythekid21 not sure if I should setup a dinner reservation or file a restraining order.But I know you have been a true fan since day one, so…It’s always been dinner,” he tweeted.

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