Which 4 teams have qualified for the college football playoffs?

Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama were voted in the top 4.

Which 4 teams have qualified for the college football playoffs?

Top 4 of College Football (via X)

The college football playoff bracket is now set. The four teams that have secured the semifinal berths are Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama. Top-ranked Michigan will take on Alabama on January 1 in the Rose Bowl, whereas no. 2 Washington will go against the no.3 Texas later that day in the Sugar Bowl. The winners of these two games will play the title game at NRG Stadium on January 8.

Michigan and Washington finished the season with unbeaten records while Texas and Alabama each lost one game. Some teams must’ve been hard done-by with the announcement. Teams like Florida State, who finished the season 13-0 and Georgia who ended with a 12-1 record got ditched. FSU finished with fifth in the voting whereas Georgia finished 6th.


This is Michigan’s third straight trip to the CFP. They reached there with a dominant victory over Iowa in the Big Ten Championship on Saturday. The two other teams who have qualified for the playoffs three or more consecutive times are Alabama and Clemson. Washington got into the playoffs with a three-point win over Oregon in the Pac-12 title game. Alabama’s only loss this season was handed to them by Texas as they topped Oklahoma State in the Big 12 championship game. The Crimson Tide on the other hand got in due to a 27-24 win over Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

There was massive heartbreak for FSU who, while playing with a third-string quarterback against Louisville, the Seminoles managed to hold off the Cardinals 16–6 in the fourth quarter. According to The Associated Press, no Power Five club had ever won its conference title, gone undefeated, and missed the playoffs. That record was broken on Sunday.

ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips in disbelief at the omission of FSU in CFP

The College Football Playoffs are finally set with Michigan, Washington, Texas and Alabama making the top 4. One team that was left out however, was the unbeaten Florida State University. It was a bit of a shock for everyone, especially ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips.

Brock Glenn
Brock Glenn (via ESPN)

Phillips said in a statement:

It’s unfathomable that Florida State, an undefeated Power Five conference champion, was left out of the College Football Playoff. Their exclusion calls into question the selection process and whether the Committee’s own guidelines were followed, including the significant importance of being an undefeated Power Five conference champion.

FSU finished the season 13-0 but failed to blow out Louisville in their final game. Alabama’s impressive win over Georgia in the SEC title game saw them get the edge over FSU in CFP, according to CFP committee chairman Boo Corrigan.

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