Will ‘turnover machine’ Josh Allen ultimately cost the Bills a playoff spot this season?

Another disappointing season from Josh Allen is likely to leave the Buffalo Bills' organisation in shambles.

Will ‘turnover machine’ Josh Allen ultimately cost the Bills a playoff spot this season?

Josh Allen leads the NFL in turnovers. (via AP)

It is about time that we get concerned about Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. The team has lost their second straight game to the Denver Broncos which has rendered them 5-5 on the season. The game ended in the most Bills’ way possible with a ridiculous error by the team’s defense costing them the victory. Bills had 12 men on the field and the first FG attempt which was no good was flagged and led to the Broncos getting a second shot at an FG attempt upon which they capitalized.


However, the biggest concern for the team is Josh Allen. The quarterback for the Bills has fallen off and call it the Madden curse or just plain bad football, he is no longer the man who has the potential to lead this Bills team to the Super Bowl. Josh Allen is leading the NFL in terms of interceptions through Week 10 with 11 so far. That is nothing short of ridiculous, due to his errors, the team’s defense is out there for most of the night and they are just unable to get the ball back in the hands of their offense at the rate at which their QB keeps turning it over.

The loss to the Broncos was just painful to witness, Josh Allen in his press conference after came out and said that his team was playing “A lot of bad football,” well, clearly there is no room to play good football if you keep turning the ball over every 5 minutes. It is shocking to see his downfall, especially when you take into account the fact that he actually has the highest completion percentage in his entire career this season with 70.3 of his passes being completed.

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Josh Allen’s Super Bowl window is closing

10 games through the season, Josh Allen leads the NFL in turnovers, 11 interceptions aside, he has 4 fumbles as well. He had his worst performance of the season as he managed to throw for just 177 yards last night. It has to be the Madden Curse, right?

The bigger issue is, that the Buffalo Bills elevated themselves when they brought Stefon Diggs onboard, this team was meant to be a legitimate Super Bowl contender. However, they have one team which has stood in their way for the last two seasons, the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes and Co. have prevented Allen and the Bills from getting past the Divisional round.

Josh allen
Josh Allen has had a forgettable season so far (via NFL)

Is Josh Allen injured? The quarterback did admit that he suffered an injury in the first half of the game against the New York Giants on his shoulder but the QB downplayed it, he was also dealing with an elbow injury for most of last season. However, none of them are significant enough to actually cause concern.

At the rate at which the Buffalo Bills are playing, their Super Bowl window has never been narrower than it is right now, this team is on its path to become another ‘What If?’ A team that had all the potential to win but never did achieve that feat. The season did start off bad for the Bills with the team losing to a NY Jets team without Aaron Rodgers, they lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, a horrendous New England Patriots team, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Denver Broncos.


Despite their 5-5- record this season, the Bills remain second in their division. The team fired Ken Dorsey, their offensive coordinator after the loss to the Broncos but does this mean that all concerns pertaining to Josh Allen are gone? Absolutely not. The issue with him is that he either plays so good that you would not want to take your eyes off of him or he plays so bad that you’d pray that you go blind.

In the last two seasons, whenever the playoffs come around, Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen’s connection disappears, the QB has not thrown a single TD to his best wideout in the postseason which is ridiculous. Diggs has not kept it a secret that he is angry, frustrated, irritated, agitated, annoyed, and pretty much any other synonym available with the Bills in the postseason.

Before this season began as well, Stefon Diggs held out for a bit and gave rise to the notion that he is not happy with Josh Allen. Trevon Diggs, the brother of Stefon Diggs tweeted that his brother needs to get out of Buffalo after their loss to Denver. Realistically, it is a possibility that after this season, Diggs would no longer be interested in staying in Buffalo. His current contract will expire in 2028 but he came here to win and that is one thing the team has just not been able to do.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs
Stefon Diggs has already begun to lose faith in Josh Allen (via NFL)

Here’s how the rest of the season can play out, first scenario is now that Ken Dorsey is out, Josh Allen and Co. regroup and live up to their potential under a new OC, having a much better second half and capping off this season with back-to-back wins. Alternatively, the Buffalo Bills’ continue to be unpredictable and Josh Allen continues his inconsistency at QB, after which even if the team does make the postseason, there is no way they stand a chance to beat the Chiefs in the divisional round if Allen plays like this. This is, of course, assuming that they get past the Wildcard Round.


If Josh Allen fails to take the Bills past the Divisional Round, and Stefon Diggs decides to leave, it will have a domino effect which will lead to the entire Buffalo Bills organization being left in shambles. The next 6-games will not be easy for the Bills. They will play the Jets, to whom they lost the season-opener, then top teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Dallas Cowboys, and will end the season by facing the Chargers and the Patriots.

In conclusion, it is simple. This is a do-or-die year for Josh Allen and the Bills. If he fails to turn his game around, his legacy will be impacted. He can no longer be compared to the likes of Patrick Mahomes because there is one key difference between them both, which is that Mahomes is a winner and a leader. Allen has still not found the recipe for success despite having all the tools in his arsenal and another disappointing season could result in some major changes being made in the Bills’ Head Coaching capacity.

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