“Cup on sail” – Avalanche forward Logan O’Connor takes Stanley Cup on boat ride in Alberta

It has been a crazy summer with the Stanley Cup adventures and adding the latest Logan O’Connor and Cale Makar’s boat ride sure made the Cup a bit more chilled.

Logan O' Connor on boat ride with Stanley Cup
Logan O' Connor on boat ride with Stanley Cup
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Mr. Stanley Cup has been up and down the country, visiting places, local people, and pets some time too. It’s been a very tightly arranged schedule for the Cup and all the adventures that came with it. And Wednesday morning was no different for it.

Colorado Avalanche forward Logan O’Connor started with a hot cup of coffee with the Stanley Cup by its side later moving on to a whole day mixed with crazy celebrations including water rides. The Cup visited Calgary, Alberta where Connor met up with his teammate defenceman Cale Makar to start off his exciting day.

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Logan O’Connor celebrates the day with his friends

Logan O'Connor celebrates Stanley Cup with friends
Logan O’Connor celebrates Stanley Cup with friends

Makar and Connor went on a cruise around town while stopping for a boat ride out on Bow River, as noted on nhl.com. All of Connor’s friends later joined in on the celebrations. 

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They even made a small trip to the Alberta Children’s Hospital with the Stanley Cup and posed for a few pictures with the children. The hospital staff and children were delighted to see Lord Stanley close up and even get to share moments with him. 

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