NHL veteran Corey Perry in millions of debt after contract TERMINATION by Blackhawks

Corey Perry was fired from the Chicago Blackhawks following an internal investigation by the organization.

NHL veteran Corey Perry in millions of debt after contract TERMINATION by Blackhawks

Corey Perry (Pic Credit: Imago)

There seems to be no end to the misery of Corey Perry. In the past few weeks, his name has been dragged on in the media spotlight for his actions off the field. He is now reported to be in millions of debt following the termination of his contract by the Chicago Blackhawks.


Perry was strangely taken out from the line-up of the team. This move raised a lot of speculation. A huge wild rumor soon erupted regarding an illicit relationship with Connor Bedard‘s mother, Melanie. The Blackhawks and Perry were quick to shut them down.

Following the internal investigation by the team, the 38-year-old addiction to alcohol was discovered. His actions under the influence behind the scenes caused some drama which led to him being fired from the team. He now faces even more trouble as he now owes a huge sum of money to the Blackhawks.

As per reports from Chris Johnston of The Athletic, Perry is entitled to keep $1,000,000 from this $4,000,000 deal as he spend almost 25 percent of the season. He was signed by the Blackhawks in June to bring in some experience and help out Bedard and the other youngsters in the team. He already received $2 million as a signing bonus which means he now owes money to the Chicago-based outfit.


What can Corey Perry do now after his contract termination?

Following his contract termination, there have been questions about what will happen to Corey Perry now. A free agent at the moment, there could be some teams who can try and get him. As per reports, the Toronto Maple Leafs have been in talks regarding him. With new reports emerging that he owes the Blackhawks some money, what can he do now?

Corey Perry
Corey Perry (Pic Credit: AP)

The 38-year-old forward currently has the chance to file a grievance case through the NHL Players Association. He has around 60 days to go with this option if he wants to.

Perry has 60 days to decide if he wants to file a grievance via the NHL Players' Association. The matter remains under review, according to a union spokesman. Should he elect to go that route, it would be an exercise in preserving his earning power
Corey Perry’s situation following contract termination through The Athletic.

Following the termination of his contract, Perry has apologized for his behavior. He has also vowed to overcome his mental health and alcohol issues as he enters the assistance program. His experience could prove to be beneficial if he is able to conquer his personal demons in the twilight of his career.

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