“Shaken up” – Maple Leafs’ winger Mitch Marner got carjacked at gunpoint outside Toronto Movie Theatre

Toronto Maple Leafs’ star player Mitch Marner got carjacked at gunpoint on Monday night near the Toronto Movie Theatre.

Mitch Marner
Mitch Marner

Toronto Maple Leafs’ winger and alternate captain Mitch Marner, commonly known as Mitch Marner was carjacked by multiple people near the Toronto Movie Theatre on Monday night as the report stated. The 25-year-old winger was obviously quite “shaken up” by this horrifying experience. The Toronto star was with his friend when three armed suspects approached him and stole the black Range Rover at the Cineplex theatre. The police reported that they had seen a rise in carjacking this year than in all of 2021.

The Toronto Police further reported that the incident took place at 7:46 pm when three people hovered over, two with handguns and one with a knife. Though the police did not name any victims of this incident, it is known that Marner was in the car at that moment. The three suspects fled in it soon after taking over control. The police confirmed that Marner did not sustain any injuries and the police are still on the lookout for the suspects. Marner is supposed to meet with the media later on.

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“Go ahead and take it” – Maple Leafs’ Mitch Marner got carjacked

Mitch Marner carjacked
Mitch Marner carjacked

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a rough time throughout the week, and this incident just piled upon their shoulders. A police source stated, “The guys approached wearing masks and said they wanted the vehicle”. “Mitch said, ‘go ahead and take it,’” Mitch Marner was quite shaken up due to this incident but thankfully not physically injured. A different source revealed to the publication, “The suspects did not know it was Marner,”.

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“They were only interested in the Range Rover, which they can quickly sell out of the country.” Toronto’s Mayor condemned the carjacking incidents in an interview for the Suns, “My initial reaction is how dare someone do that to anyone in our city. Violence against any resident is unacceptable and I know Toronto Police work incredibly hard to bring those responsible to justice,” the mayor said. The incident took place immediately after the Leafs were knocked out from the first-round pick of the playoffs by the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday night.

According to toronto.ctvnews.ca, the Toronto Police ended up by concluding, “It just seems that this is a crime of opportunity, and the end game is profit,” Insp. Richard Harris of the holdup squad told reporters outside Toronto Police Headquarters Tuesday. “So whether it’s a new trend that is believed to be something that’s gonna make quick money, I’m gonna say and suggest that they stop. We will not stop.”

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