“Condemns the act of violence” – NHL mourns for the children who fell victim to the Uvalde shooting in Texas

NHL condemns the violence that took place at Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday.

NHL mourns for the victims of the Texas shooting
NHL mourns for the victims of the Texas shooting

The National Hockey League (NHL) has condemned the Uvalde, Texas elementary school shooting incident that took place on Tuesday, May 24th. It was reported that an 18-year-old high school student named Salvador Ramos opened fire at an elementary school at Uvalde. He is also reported to have severely injured his grandmother before his attempt at grade school.

When the police rushed over by the sound of the shooting, Ramos attempted to escape in a car and flew into a ditch just next to the elementary school. As he thought of taking cover within the school, he started shooting blindly. According to the latest news, 19 children and 2 teachers were killed and the offender was also shot dead during the police storming into the building. 

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NHL mourns the loss of life during the Texas shooting

Texas shooting at Uvalde
Texas shooting at Uvalde

All the teams, different fields of sportspersons, and the leagues have come together to protest against this unjust incident and to take further strong actions to prevent any form of horrendous incidents like this from happening. This tragedy was known to be the most nerve-wracking incident in American schools in the past 10 years. The NHL commented, “We mourn with the families of those whose lives were taken in this horrific tragedy. We share their sorrow and stand with the people of Uvalde and Robb Elementary School in the difficult months ahead”, as per nhl.com.

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The National Hockey League took a stand against it and mourned for the victims of this incident. The National Hockey league stated, “ NHL condemns the act of violence that took place today in Yuvalda. We mourn with the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. We share their grief and support the students of Uvalde Primary School in the difficult months ahead”. The League stands firm beside the families of the victims and offers them support during these tough times.

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