NHL salary cap expected to grow to ASTONISHING $87.7 million for 2024-25 season

The NHL salary cap will see a rise of around $4.2 million next season, the largest it has seen in the past few years.

NHL salary cap expected to grow to ASTONISHING $87.7 million for 2024-25 season

Gary Bettman (Pic Credit: AP)

In a move that will bring little joy to the NHL, the league on Tuesday announced an increase in their salary cap from next season. According to Commissioner Gary Bettman, the salary cap is expected to grow to an astonishing figure of $87.7 million for the 2024-25 season.

At the moment, the league currently has a salary cap of $83.5 million. It is now expected to rise by around $4.2 million from the next season. This would be one of the biggest increases the league has seen since it moved up from $75 million to $79.5 million in the 2017-18 season.


Over the past few years, the league has seen an increase of $1 million every season. The cap stayed the same from the 2019-20 season to the 2021-22 season with no increase. This move would drastically help out teams who were facing difficulties in signing some of their best players.

Following the Board of Governors meeting on Tuesday, the top NHL boss also informed that the league’s revenue is projected to be around $6.2 million this season. “I think most people will see it as good news,” Bettman jokingly said regarding the increase in the salary cap.

NHL 2024 draft to be held at giant Sphere in Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is one of the most popular places in the world. The American city has been known for its high-style lifestyle across the world. In recent weeks, the name of this city has gone up in several sporting topics, largely due to the giant sphere. This city will once again be the center stage as the NHL 2024 draft will take place at the sphere.

Gary Bettman
NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman (Pic Credit: AP)

While the contracts are still there to be signed, Gary Bettman claimed this would be one of the most dramatic things they have done. The draft will take place on June 28-29 next year. This will also be the first time, the sphere will hold any sporting event.

It will be pretty dramatic... It will be the first sporting event in the Sphere and I think it'll be a pretty-well viewed event both in terms of the draft itself and the viral use of the Sphere inside and outside using the globe. We think it'll be fun. We think it'll be dramatic and compelling
Gary Bettman on NHL Draft 2024 through NHL.com

This two announcement from Bettman has brought excitement among the fans. It is likely that more eyes will now be drawn to the NHL as all 32 teams enter the draft one final time before it gets decentralized in the year 2025.

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