WATCH: “Fleury taught him well,” NHL fans react as Tristan Jarry pulls off epic SAVAGE move during scrum in Pens vs. Bolts game

Fans celebrate Tristan Jarry’s savage mode as the goalie blasted one of the opponent's hockey sticks during a scrum without anyone noticing.

WATCH: “Fleury taught him well,” NHL fans react as Tristan Jarry pulls off epic SAVAGE move during scrum in Pens vs. Bolts game

Tristan Jarry breaking Brandon Hagel's stick [Image Credit: X]

Often players on-ice get to enjoy their spotlight moment during their professional years; it depends on how they capitalize on it. As for Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Tristan Jarry, he got to relish in two iconic moments during the recent Pens vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game.

The first big news that shook the NHL world was his epic goalie goal that marked the franchise’s first celebratory moment. His second highlight moment came when he discreetly snatched Brandon Hagel’s hockey stick and broke it into pieces during the first-period scrum.


The moment was celebrated all over social media, as he did it quite quietly. Surprisingly no one noticed him going on with his ‘important’ mission as everyone’s focus, including the officials, was on stopping the fight. His mischievous move however got caught on 4k camera as fans noticed him on X video replaying the moment.

During the early first period when the scrum broke, Tristan Jarry cautiously skated toward the fight and stole Brandon Hagel’s stick while he was busy shoving other Pens players. Jarrty slammed the stick against his goalpost, shattering it to pieces. The 25-year-old forward didn’t even notice his stick getting stolen and in the next move he found it broken.

Luckily for Jarry, no one caught him in the act otherwise there would have been a penalty moment for breaking the player’s stick. Some fans even stated that it would have been great if he didn’t have spare hockey sticks on the bench, the moment would have been more iconic that way. While one commented, “Fleury taught him well”, honoring the star goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and his antics.


Penguins celebrate as Tristan Jarry scores goalie goal in teams 4-2 win against Bolts

Tristan Jarry’s goal was the franchise’s first goalie goal as the teams and fans roared in the arena, celebrating the historic moment. With over a minute left and hearts beating fast, Jarry turned the game around with his last-minute shot surprising everyone present in the arena.

Teammates celebrate Tristan Jarry's goalie goal moment [Image Credit: NY Post]
Teammates celebrate Tristan Jarry’s goalie goal moment [Image Credit: NY Post]

Jarry launched the puck into an empty net bringing the Pens to a 4-2 victory against Bolts. The 28-year-old became the 1st Penguins player to do so, and the 17th in NHL history including the playoffs. Immediately after the shot, his teammates mobbed him off the ice as they rejoiced at the moment that came in as an early Christmas surprise.

Jarry commented on his moment, calling it the “perfect scenario” as he grabbed the highlight moment of the game. He stated that there was some luck involved and “it’s something that doesn’t happen very often.”

“There are very few that have done it, so it’s something definitely pretty cool, but honestly, the win means more.”
Tristan Jarry as per The Hockey Beast.

Apart from his two iconic moments, he also made 39 saves in the Penguins victory. He was undoubtedly the star of the evening, and fans can’t wait to see what move he pulls next time he’s on ice. Maybe Marc-Andre Fleury will give him some advice to up his mischievous tactics further.

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