What are the family ties between Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux?

Explore the remarkable connection between Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux; sharing more than just a team in the world of hockey.

What are the family ties between Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux?

Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux's (Image via Imago)

Athletes’ connections in the realm of sports often go beyond and beyond the limits of competition. Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux’s tight friendship is one such amazing link in the world of ice hockey. Their bond is about family, not simply mentoring and cooperation.

Mario Lemieux, the legendary hockey player, and Sidney Crosby, the well-known Pittsburgh Penguins player, have always been intertwined. Crosby’s journey has been nothing less than extraordinary. After four years of living with the Lemieux family, he has evolved into Mario Lemieux’s son rather than only a worker.


The Crosby family, in especially the Lemieux kids, adore the 21-year-old like one of their own. Stephanie Lemieux, 16, wants to play hockey at the Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Minnesota as Crosby did.

Mario Lemieux said that Crosby is a pleasure to be around. He’s the same child who moved in with us four years ago; he’s fun to be around. As a member of their family, Crosby is more to Lemieux than simply a player.

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Family ties: The bond between Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux

Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux's
Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux’s (Image via NHL)

Their tight relationship is shown by their many discussions about hockey before and after supper when they analyze various elements of play. Crosby is not simply a gifted player in Lemieux’s view; he is also a better player than Lemieux was at the same age. Crosby’s extraordinary strength, skating prowess, love for the game, and unshakable work ethic are all things Lemieux admires. Lemieux thinks Crosby really “has it all.”

Beyond their close personal bond, Crosby and Lemieux are also deeply connected because of their shared history with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Lemieux, who was selected first overall in the 1984 selection, helped the struggling Penguins throughout his playing career, just as Crosby did after being selected first overall in the 2005 draft.

Crosby led the Penguins to the championship game in each of his third and fourth seasons, even though Lemieux didn’t win his first Stanley Cup with Pittsburgh until his seventh. Their shared struggles and triumphs with the Penguins have further deepened their relationship—not just as teammates, but as family.


The unusual familial relationships between Sidney Crosby and Mario Lemieux serve as a testimony to the deep connections that can be made on and off the ice in the world of hockey, where competition often takes center stage. Their strong friendship, based on respect and affection for one another, serves as a reminder that certain hockey relationships are just as enduring as family ones.

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