“No Salaries and Response from the Company”, Says Operations Head for Noble Esports India Anshuman Dash

Anshuman Dash has pointed out a finger at Noble Esports saying that, “we are all saddened with their ignorance towards us. This is unethical and unprofessional."

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Noble Esports

The Indian gaming scene is getting the limelight these days, however, an incident like yesterday shakes the community. Noble Esports has disbanded its Free Fire and Wild Rift rosters after a lot of players decided to move out. Encore Gaming is no longer associated with their Free Fire roster. People are curious to know the reason behind this sudden disband. Let’s quickly unwrap the story in detail.

An Evolving Esports Scene in India vs Noble Esports

In an interview with AFK Gaming, Anshuman Dash opens up about the serious internal issues. “We tried a lot to contact them. I somehow tried to manage things with limited resources but we had to give up as we received no response from the organization for a long time.”, he told the media outlet.

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Ronin, South Asia Manager of Noble Esports

As the matter is slowly uncovering, a lot of internal issues are coming to the public. As per the Operations Head, players are not getting their salaries on time. Although, he personally has reached the company, but received no response.

“We are all saddened with their ignorance towards us. I would like to request organizations to not follow this path anyway, it’s something unacceptable and unethical. There are consequences of things and such ignorance from such a bigger organization is just disappointing.” he continues.

As per the experts of the Indian gaming scene, this is a matter of concern. India is at a stage of evolving esports and the government has already decided to step in. Esports has been recognized by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), a few days ago.

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