Nobody wants to see the Olympics being held behind closed doors: Masa Takaya


As the whole world has to wait for another year to witness the greatest sports spectacle. What could be worse than it being hosted behind closed doors? Recently, Japan’s JIJI Press quoted an unnamed Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) executive, who is “close” to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as saying that the games “should definitely take place, even without spectators”.

However, Tokyo 2020 spoke person, Masa Takaya did not rule out the possibility of hosting the postponed Olympic Games behind closed doors while insisting that nobody wants to see the games without spectators. Takaya also mentioned that many precautionary measures will be thoroughly thought about since this autumn and there would a meeting body organised to take a likely decision.

Masa Takaya said, “This autumn onwards, we will have a meeting body attended by these three parties, so we will see the outcome of this meeting body. He (Bach) is not willing to see the games without spectators,” Takaya said. “Tokyo 2020 is not willing to see the games without spectators either. So no one is willing to see the games without spectators. In this respect, we will keep monitoring the situation carefully of COVID-19 then we will have thorough discussions among key parties to deliver a safe and secure games next year.”

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