NXT’s Xia Li frustrated after WWE pulls her off an event; meets Triple H

WWE NXT's Xia Li is not happy with WWE. Details of her meeting with NXT boss Triple H, to give her more opportunities.

WWE NXT’s Xia Li

Xia Li is the first Chinese woman to perform for WWE. Although, she has been around for many years, she got a chance to show her skills on TV, only in 2019. A report on Fightful Select, mentions the details about Li’s attempts to get on TV. There were details of a recent incident with WWE that frustrated her too.

Not too long ago, Xia Li was scheduled to participate in a kickboxing match. WWE officials weren’t informed about this event. The event came to their notice only a couple of days prior to the event. That too was via social media, and not from Li herself. WWE ended up pulling Li off the event. The decision, justifiably, did not go down too well with Li.

WWE insiders believed that the decision to remove Li from the amateur kickboxing match was justified. But Xia Li, feels that the decision made by WWE was disrespectful.

Li’s meeting with Triple H

Triple H and Xia Li

The Fightful Select report also pointed out that Xia Li has been with WWE for several years now. She has always made herself available for WWE’s Yellow brand. Yet, she wasn’t given the opportunity to be on NXT TV. After having invested so many years in WWE, and still not getting the opportunity to be on their shows, frustrated the wrestler from China.

She decided to take some initiative and went straight to the NXT boss Triple H. She had an honest conversation with him and The Game was appreciative of her initiative to get chances. Believing her stand of being deserving opportunities, NXT started featuring Li much more prominently.

This is not all, Xia Li recently turned heel for the first time in her career. This new creative direction indicates that WWE and Triple H too have started believing Li’s abilities.  

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