NCAA president Charlie Baker SLAMS his predecessor Mark Emmett over prior transgender policies referencing Riley Gaines’ locker room incident

NCAA president Charlie Baker questioned his predecessor Mark Emmett's way of working as they reference Riley Gaines and other athletes position of being forced to share locker room with trans athlete Lia Thomas.

NCAA president Charlie Baker SLAMS his predecessor Mark Emmett over prior transgender policies referencing Riley Gaines’ locker room incident

Charlie Baker [Image Credit- The Wall Street Journal]

The US Senate Committee on the Judiciary convened on Tuesday, joined by seven individuals, to hold the 10th hearing examining the potential consequences of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) on college sports. During the conversation, the participants discussed the perplexing phase in college sports known as the NIL era. The newly appointed NCAA president, Charlie Baker, expressed a definitive stance on the issue of transgender athletes.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri brought Riley Gaines‘ previous testimony to everyone’s attention. In the 2022 NCAA Championships, Gaines elucidated that she and other female swimmers were obligated to face off against transgender athlete Lia Thomas. In addition, they were required to share a locker room with Thomas, who was originally identified as male.


According to Gaines, who manages the ‘Gains for Girls’ podcast on OutKick, she and other female swimmers were not provided prior notice or given consent to share a changing room with Lia Thomas. Senator Hawley raised a clear and important query to Baker regarding whether NCAA protocols still permit a biological male to access women’s locker rooms.

Because Baker wasn’t responsible for the NCAA in 2022, he expressed his disapproval of the events that took place during that time. This suggests that he holds a different viewpoint on the decisions and actions that occurred. Additionally, he held Mark Emmert, his predecessor, accountable for the predicament. Baker became the new president of the NCAA in March, taking over from Mark Emmert who previously held the position.

Senator Hawley raised doubts regarding the inclusion of biological men in locker rooms alongside female athletes. It was admitted by the NCAA president that the previously established policy will no longer be utilized. Baker expressed his opinion that the policy under discussion is not relevant in the modern day.


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NCAA President Charlie Baker will provide written details on the new transgender policy

Charles Baker failed to provide a clear explanation of the ‘new’ policy, although additional Senators attempted to inquire about further specifics. Senator Marsha Blackburn joined Senator Hawley in seeking additional information by asking questions. Despite not giving any further details, Baker assured that every student-athlete would be protected from any uncomfortable situations.

Charlie Baker [Image Credit-
San Diego Union-Tribune]
Charlie Baker [Image Credit- San Diego Union-Tribune]

It is important for Baker to clarify that nobody will be compelled to do anything that makes them uneasy. Baker stated that they articulate this topic clearly in the guidance offered to championship hosts. Baker declined Senator Mike Lee’s third request to elaborate on certain details. Instead, Baker said he would give the details in writing.


Baker was asked by the Senator from Utah whether they or the NCAA had offered apologies to Gaines or other athletes who had to share a locker room with Lia Thomas. Gaines stated on X, formerly referred to as Twitter, that no apologies were offered. Without being a witness to the events of 2022, Baker is unable to endorse or rationalize what transpired.

He remained in the position of governor in Massachusetts. We have well-defined regulations and criteria in place to ensure the safety and protection of our student-athletes. It is important for those in charge of the national championships to comprehend and adhere to these regulations.

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