Female volleyball player suffers concussion after getting hit by a trans-identifying high school opponent

According to numerous sources, there are numerous issues with permitting transgender males who identify as biological sons to compete against females.

Female volleyball player suffers concussion after getting hit by a trans-identifying high school opponent

California High School [Image Credit-OutKick ]

Last Thursday, an article by Reduxx brought to light an incident involving a 17-year-old female volleyball player at a California high school. In October, during a volleyball match, the student suffered a concussion after being struck in the face by the ball hit by a transgender athlete biologically identified as male.

The girl’s father didn’t want to share his name or his daughter’s name because he was worried about possible negative reactions. He said that his daughter had symptoms like not being able to see clearly and having headaches.


This injury sidelined her for the remainder of the season and effectively terminated her volleyball pursuits. The father described his absence from the event itself as being engaged in conversation with another parent. However, he witnessed the aftermath, observing his daughter in visible distress as she was assisted off the court.

Another parent drew attention to the incident, exclaiming in disbelief about how the male sportsperson hit his daughter. Subsequent medical evaluation confirmed the concussion, and the unfortunate reality dawned that the girl would not play volleyball for the rest of her senior year. While she had participated in the sport for leisure in what was her final year,

Both she and her father felt a sense of loss and helplessness. The father expressed complex emotions, being notably cautious about stirring controversy among those who might accuse him of transphobia simply for expressing concern over the injury inflicted by the transgender athlete. The implication of such events highlighted by OutKick, as exemplified by Riley Gaines’ advocacy across the nation, remains a contentious topic.


High school volleyball player suffered a concussion after being injured by a trans athlete in North Carolina

In a similar vein, a North Carolina high school volleyball player, Payton McNabb, recounted enduring grave physical and psychological harm following an incident last fall. McNabb was also hit in the face by a ball from a transgender athlete during a game. She was eventually facilitated by the state high school athletic association’s inclusive policy.

Payton McNabb
Payton McNabb [Image Credit- Marca.com]

In a public statement, McNabb urged state lawmakers to consider the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, which aims to prevent biological males from joining girls’ teams. She cited her own harrowing experience as a testimony to the importance of the proposed legislation. McNabb, who is currently a member of her school’s softball team, lamented how her athletic performance has declined as a result of her injuries. 

Although her sports career is drawing to an end, the gravity of her ordeal and the broader implications compel her to speak out. Her objective is not only personal redress but also to challenge policies she views as detrimental to female athletes’ welfare, thereby adding her voice to an ongoing national debate. In North Carolina, legislators approved a measure called the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.


This act prohibits biological males from participating in women’s athletic teams from middle school to collegiate levels.

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