Riley Gaines lashes out at Laura Loomer for her “doxxing” and “disgusting” personal remarks

Laura Loomer is facing accusations of defrauding women's sports advocate Riley Gaines.

Riley Gaines lashes out at Laura Loomer for her “doxxing” and “disgusting” personal remarks

Riley Gaines and Laura Loomer [Image Credit- The New Republic and X]

Laura Loomer decided to reveal personal information about women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines, which sparked controversy and disapproval. The former college athlete fought back against the journalist’s statements. The journalist has gained a reputation for strongly advocating for the Trump administration.


Loomer claimed online that Gaines received compensation for assisting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday morning. Afterward, the statement was removed, and it was reported that Riley had voiced her preference for DeSantis over Trump in June 2023.

Examining FEC documentation corroborates a financial transaction on 8/02/2023 for her endorsement of Governor DeSantis. Loomer, an ardent supporter of former President Trump, criticized Gaines sharply. She gained attention as a rare voice critiquing transgender athlete Lia Thomas‘s participation in women’s swimming competitions.

Loomer tweeted that Riley feigned victimhood for a considerable period after being assaulted by a man. This is what Loomer tweeted:

Your financial gain and newfound recognition have come from portraying yourself as a victim. You were deceived into believing you are knowledgeable in politics.
Laura Loomer via removed statement

Loomer added:

 It's time for someone else to take the stage. We are aware that a transgender individual was triumphant. Other women have faced challenges similar to yours.

Loomer advised Gaines to concentrate solely on swimming and avoid other activities, as seen on social media. The comments from Loomer did not sit well with othe political commentators supporting the Republican party.

Riley Gaines claims Laura Loomer believes that privacy is not important

Gaines retorted to the personal attack by suggesting to the journalist that her investigative abilities might not be as exceptional as they profess. On October 19th, the Boston Globe shared this news. Furthermore, it was not confidential information.

Riley Gaines and Laura Loomer [Image Credit- NBC News and X]

The DeSantis campaign paid Gaines about $12,000 in August for her contributions to the campaign, as reported in The Boston Globe. However, there has been no payment since then. The skilled swimmer, who received numerous accolades, mentioned online that they traveled to South Carolina with DeSantis for an event and were compensated for their participation.


This is what Gaines replied:

Who will be the one to tell her that Trump's team approached me for a paid position before anyone else? ..... She thinks it's important to stay committed to a man, even though he doesn't notice her. 
Riley Gaines via X.

Gaines clarified that she did not have much knowledge about politics. However, she did tell Loomer that she had experienced defeat in a past election in Florida. Loomer denied sharing Gaines’ personal information and stated that FEC documents are publicly accessible. According to Loomer, sharing FEC documents tied to a presidential election already in the public domain does not constitute a privacy breach. Loomer deleted the first tweet with the address.

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