“You should see me in a crown,” Olivia Dunne glistens in LSU Tigers photoshoot as teammates gasp that her photos ‘should be illegal’

Every post Olivia Dunne shares on social media becomes immensely popular.The athlete enjoying widespread popularity on social media has already achieved considerable financial success.

“You should see me in a crown,” Olivia Dunne glistens in LSU Tigers photoshoot as teammates gasp that her photos ‘should be illegal’

Olivia Dunne [Image Credit- Marca.com]

Olivia Dunne dubbed herself a ‘queen‘ as she posed for pictures alongside the LSU Tigers team. This particular depiction can be observed in the images she recently posted. By 2023, the individual who is currently 21 years old will finish her studies at LSU. Dunne’s extensive experience makes him a crucial asset to the team. Four other individuals join her in practicing gymnastics.


A few days ago, a series of images were taken featuring a group of athletes. The gymnasts included Olivia Dunne, Chase Brock, Sierra Ballard, Haleigh Bryant, and Elena Arenas. All of them were members of the senior LSU gymnastics squad competing in an in-house tournament. In addition, the five individuals created a video wherein they displayed elegant movements and fashionable poses.

Additionally, every gymnast had the opportunity to don a crown at various points in the video. Following her photo session, Olivia Dunne uploaded a picture on Instagram. In the image, she was depicted wearing a crown. She sported a purple LSU leotard and had her hair styled in a neat updo. She displayed a pair of images featuring crowns. Dunne proudly donned the crown in the initial photograph.

While gazing at the camera, she held the crown firmly in her hand in the second photograph. “You should see me in a crown…” she wrote. Olivia Dunne’s tenure at LSU will come to an end next year. Despite being highly skilled in gymnastics, she intends to discontinue her participation after completing college meets next year. After looking at her pictures one of her teammates wrote, “This should be illegal.”


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Olivia Dunne explains her aspirations after completing her college in 2024

Olivia Dunne has already achieved a great deal, and she is only 21 years old. The LSU student became well-known for her talent and proficiency in gymnastics. In addition to her reputation as a prosperous female athlete during her college years, she is also acknowledged for her significant financial gains. As a result of her college implementing the NIL policy in 2021, she began collaborating with well-known companies.

Olivia Dunne[Image Credit-The Spun]
Olivia Dunne [Image Credit-The Spun]

Her appearance is utilized by these brands to promote their business and products. Within a small timeframe, Dunne’s net worth has gone to $2.3 million altogether. Dunne has made a significant impact and achieved great things, and she is firmly committed to pushing forward and reaching her goals. Furthermore, she made known that she is contemplating a relocation to either Malibu, New York City, or Florida. To perform her gymnastics tricks outdoors, she desires to reside near a beach.

Upon being questioned about entering the final year of college, she responded by acknowledging its impending conclusion and emphasizing her determination to appreciate and retain each remaining experience. However, she is also filled with excitement about what the future holds for her. Dunne’s creation of ‘The Livvy Fund’ aims to provide financial assistance to female athletes, enabling them to generate income through endorsement agreements with widely recognized brands.


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