$3.5 million worth Olivia Dunne initiates ‘The Livvy Fund’ in hopes to empower LSU athletes soaring at new heights

The Livvy Fund, is revolutionizing LSU athletics by connecting female athletes with top brands for endorsement deals.

$3.5 million worth Olivia Dunne initiates ‘The Livvy Fund’  in hopes to empower LSU athletes soaring at new heights

Olivia Dunne [Image Credit: Sports Illustrated]

Olivia Dunne, a well-known gymnast and social media influencer, has made a game-changing decision in the field of women’s athletics. She hopes to revolutionize chances for female student-athletes at LSU (Louisiana State University) by collaborating with Bayou Traditions.


Olivia plans to link these outstanding athletes with big companies with her newest project, The Livvy Fund, allowing them to score endorsement agreements that will impact their futures. Olivia Dunne hopes to share her knowledge and skills with other female LSU athletes via the establishment of The Livvy Fund.

Olivia recognizes the importance of partnerships and personal branding as the highest-paid female athlete in the country. She has made significant financial benefits by effectively collaborating with well-known businesses such as On3 and Accelerator Active Energy. She now wants to share her knowledge and expertise with others, enabling them to prosper in the world of endorsements and sponsorship.

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Olivia Dunne inspires a revolution and the livvy fund empowers LSU athletes

Olivia Dunne and Elena Arenas ( Image via Olympics )
Olivia Dunne and Elena Arenas ( Image via Olympics )

Livvy Dunne is driven by her unshakeable dedication to supporting women’s sports. She is adamant that female athletes have the same respect and chances as their male counterparts. Currently, sponsorship arrangements favor male athletes disproportionately, a gap that must be addressed. Olivia hopes to close this gap and promote more equality on and off the pitch by founding The Livvy Fund.

The recent policy change by the NCAA allows student-athletes to capitalize on their name, image, and likeness (NIL) to generate income. Olivia recognizes her unique position as an influential figure in the sports world and sees it as an opportunity to uplift her fellow student-athletes, especially women.

She encourages them to seize these opportunities during their college years, enabling them to build their personal brands and lay a solid foundation for their future careers. The Livvy Fund operates on the principle of connecting these exceptional athletes with renowned brands, enabling them to secure endorsement deals and kickstart their professional journeys.

Through Olivia’s extensive network and business acumen, she guides her peers, imparting invaluable knowledge about partnerships and personal branding. With every deal forged, barriers are shattered, and the world witnesses a new wave of female athletes commanding their worth.


Olivia’s audacious step towards building The Livvy Fund at LSU is just the beginning of her extraordinary vision. While the current focus remains on LSU’s female student-athletes, Olivia harbors ambitions of expanding this initiative to other college campuses.

Her unwavering commitment to lasting change, combined with her passion for empowering others, ensures that The Livvy Fund will leave an indelible legacy even after Olivia graduates. With each endorsement deal secured, she pioneers a path toward gender equality in the realm of sports, proving that when women support women, remarkable transformations can occur.

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