SI Swimsuit model Olivia Dunne FLAUNTS multi-million dollar NIL purse during trip to Italy

Olivia Dunne celebrates a lavish trip to Italy as she flaunts her personalized Gucci purse, and her impressive NIL value in enviable fashion sense.

SI Swimsuit model Olivia Dunne FLAUNTS multi-million dollar NIL purse during trip to Italy

Olivia Dunne [Image Credit: Sports Illustrated]

Olivia Dunne, the renowned Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and LSU gymnast, recently embarked on an extravagant trip to Capri, Italy. As she strolled through the impressive stunts, she indulged in the epitome of luxury, treating herself to a small yet stunning Gucci Ophidia GG purse.


This timeless piece, handcrafted with Gucci’s signature monogram, is worth a staggering $1,290, embodying opulence and style. But Olivia’s extravagant taste didn’t stop there; she took her thousand-dollar purchase to another level by personalizing it with her initials.

Olivia Dunne’s extravagant lifestyle showcase why she is a force to be reckoned with, not only in the world of gymnastics but also in the realm of high fashion. Olivia Dunne turned her attention as she flaunted her lifestyle against the magnificent Italian environment during her Italian adventure.

Olivia’s outstanding fashion sense was perfectly complimented by this designer bag’s sleek design and precise craftsmanship. The elaborate Gucci monogram symbolized her aristocratic standing, and the price tag pushed it to the world of exclusive luxury. During this trip, she boldly flaunted her multi-dollar NIL purse further upholding her status.


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Olivia Dunne’s talks about her NIL purse money

Olivia Dunne and Elena Arenas ( Image via Olympics )
Olivia Dunne ( Image via Olympics )

Dunne, with her lovely taste and attention to detail, decided to make her Gucci Ophidia GG purse truly one-of-a-kind. Recognizing the significance of personalization, she took her prized possession to a Gucci boutique on the island. There, she entrusted the skilled artisans to engrave her initials, “O.P.D.,” onto the handle of the bag. This small but impactful addition served as a testament to Olivia’s unique identity and style.

Olivia Dunne’s glamorous lifestyle stems not only from her success as a gymnast and model, but also from her excellent NIL Name, Picture, and Like. Her NIL contract, worth $3.4 million, which commissioned her status as the highest-paid female college athlete is also strong.

Olivia’s incredible journey from the gym to the fashion world has captured the imagination of audiences and opened doors to lucrative opportunities. The most important contributor to his NIL value is his huge following, which he has been cultivating on his social media.


With a combined following of more than 11 million on Instagram and TikTok, Olivia’s influence extends beyond her athletic prowess. Olivia Dunne’s getaway to Italy displayed an unapologetic taste for the finer things in life.

From her glamorous trip to Capri to her personal Gucci Ophidia GG purse, everything reflected her unwavering commitment to style and beauty. Olivia’s ability to combine her athletic prowess with her passion for fashion has made her an icon of both worlds.

As she continues to dominate the gym and enhance the value of NIL, the world eagerly awaits his next move. Whether in the Libra pole or on the red carpet, Olivia Dunne is an unstoppable force, leaving in her wake a sense of envy and passion.

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