Social media star Olivia Dunne WOWs fans with remarkable gymnastics moves and SI Swimsuit cover photos ahead of 2023 NCAA season

Olivia Dunne shared updates on her gymnastics routine while sharing TikTok videos of her training regime. The 2023 SI Swimsuit model wowed fans not only through a photo distribution, but also with her amazing flexibility ahead of the NCAA event.

Social media star Olivia Dunne WOWs fans with remarkable gymnastics moves and SI Swimsuit cover photos ahead of 2023 NCAA season

Olivia Dunne [Image Credit: The Salt Lake Tribune]

Fans have been astonished by the latest TikTok video from Olivia Dunne, the renowned LSU gymnast who goes by the name “Livvy.” Dunne gained popularity for her remarkable videos and flawless dance skills. At just 21 years old, the LSU Tigers’ star athlete has secured the position of the highest-earning athlete in the NCAA. With just a single post on social media, she managed to rake in $500,000, which amazed her fan base.


Livvy’s has appeared in well-known magazines such as Sports Illustrated and Forbes. In a recent video, she impressed everyone with her incredible gymnastics abilities. Livvy’s TikTok video garnered a substantial amount of comments. One person said they were excited to go to a meeting. Livvy responded, stating that the meetings are quite enjoyable and attract a large amount of people.

The NCAA, responsible for monitoring student sports in the US, witnessed the individual from New Jersey making the most of her involvement. Her NIL account also contributed greatly to her status.

The reason for Livvy’s rise to fame was her rapidly expanding group of followers on social media. On Instagram, her follower count exceeds four million, while on TikTok, it surpasses seven million. Dunne displayed her balance beam routine in a TikTok video she posted recently.


After sharing with her fans, she explained that her routine begins with a brief stretching session followed by a series of leg kicks to warm up her muscles. Following that, she ascends onto the elevated narrow bar and commences her act. She mentioned in the video that she greatly enjoys wearing Vuori activewear due to its high level of comfort.

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Olivia Dunne’s path to becoming a SI Swimsuit model

Olivia Dunne leveled up her fame once again in April 2023 as she was selected as a model for SI Swimsuit. The job at the well-known magazine was obtained by Dunne due to her disposition. Dunne discussed a controversial article written about her by The New York Times during a recent interview on the Full Send podcast, which took place in November 2022.

Olivia Dunne[Image Credit-The Spun]
Olivia Dunne [Image Credit-The Spun]

A recurring problem resurfaces as college athletes gain additional endorsements, bringing back the use of sexuality to attract attention, according to the headline of the article. Dunne stated that the magazine featured a telephone interview with her and referred to her as a young individual with blonde hair, which she found unsettling.


The social media star’s display of courage left a strong impression on the SI Swimsuit magazine, leading them to select her as a model. She not only boasts a loyal fan base, but as an athlete, she stated that she’s constantly leveling up her skills. Fans are excited to see how far the young gymnast can rise in the social media and sports world.

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