WATCH: Remco Evenepoel left bloodied after HORRIFIC crash with fan following stage three La Vuelta win

Cyclist Remco Evenepoel was left in a pool of blood as he crashed with a fan following his La Vuelta stage victory.

WATCH: Remco Evenepoel left bloodied after HORRIFIC crash with fan following stage three La Vuelta win

Remco Evenepoel after the crash (Image credit: Imago)

One of the most certain things about life is the “highs and lows” it offers. A person can go from one state to another in a matter of seconds. Such was the case with Remco Evenepoel, who won the Vuelta A Espana Stage 3 race cycling race. While he was riding “high”, he suffered the “low” after he got involved in a major crash after the race was done.

Evenepoel would pull clear of his chasers near the end of the race. An impressive performance saw him record a thumping victory. He would even celebrate wildly by raising his arms as he crossed the finishing line. What happened next was something he would not have imagined even in his wildest dreams.


As the former world champion celebrated his win in Spain, he would lose control of his cycle. The Belgium international would go on to crash with a fan and fall down from his ride. It appeared that he hit his head on the steel railings. The next scene proved uncomfortable for some to look on as blood started to drip out of his head.

Fortunately, neither he nor the fan were seriously hurt in the horrific aftermath of the race. His image in a bloodied state though has gone viral on the internet and is raising several questions regarding the safety of cyclists.

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Remco Evenepoel raises questions regarding safety following nasty crash

Remco cycling
Remco Evenepoel (Pic Credit: The Independent)

The last thing an athlete wants is to get severely injured. While injuries are an unfortunate part of sports, there are some instances where they can be avoided with proper precaution and safety. What happened with Remco Evenepoel after his victory at the Vuelta A Espana has given the UCI, the cycling governing body plenty to think about.

The crash of Evenepoel happened nearly 50m away from the finish line. The placing of the spectators and the railings could have done better. Had he not hit the fan, chances were high that the Belgium cyclist could have crashed into the railings and suffered major damage. He had previously expressed his frustration in the first two stages of the event as well.

Yeah nice but again, some things of safety, it was only 50 metres after the finish line. It’s already the third day in a row. It’s a bit breaking my b***s now,” he said after getting cleaned up and receiving the medical attention.


This incident will surely be talked about in the upcoming days. The spotlight will be on the governing body to take some measures. The UCI recently took note of the transgender issue and made some changes. This gives the cycling audience some hope that the UCI can find a solution to prevent such mishaps in the future.

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