Riley Gaines claims her acting debut in Lady Ballers will ‘trigger all the right people’

Riley Gaines is set to make her debut in acting career with the premier of "Lady Ballers" a movie regarding involvement of transgender athletes in women sports.

Riley Gaines claims her acting debut in Lady Ballers will ‘trigger all the right people’

Riley Gaines (Pic Credit: Imago)

Riley Gaines, an illustrious ex-competitor of the NCAA from the University of Kentucky, took to social media to celebrate her inaugural performance in the comedic film “Lady Ballers.” At the Thursday evening premiere, she shared photographs showcasing her attendance. Gaines, a fervent proponent for the authenticity of women’s sports, considers the film, which humorously critiques transgender athletes, to bear a closer resemblance to a documentary than a spoof.

“The premiere of ‘Lady Ballers’ tonight has me excited; trigger all the right people,” she remarked. Eagerly awaiting public viewership, Gaines anticipates the audience’s reaction to both the movie, debuting Friday at 8 PM Eastern. And her first foray into acting, as evidenced by the captivating images she posted with her fellow cast members.


Lady Ballers,” an inaugural comedic venture by Daily Wire, sets out to make a bold statement without restraint. The name and logo itself signal a clear message in an era where women’s sports are undergoing revolutionary changes. According to the synopsis, the film hailed as the most provocative comedy of the year by Daily Wire, depicts an erstwhile distinguished coach’s quest for redemption.

He seeks to reclaim triumph by re-assembling his old high school girls’ basketball champions, challenging them to embrace their femininity in their play. Daily Wire publicly expressed gratitude towards Riley Gaines via social media for her advocacy for fairness in sports and for participating in the film. The narrative also welcomes appearances from other champions of women’s athletics. It includes Clay Travis from Outkick, Daily Wire’s very own Matt Walsh, and Ben Shapiro, as well as Senator Ted Cruz.

Riley Gaines recounted her event with Lia Thomas during NCAA championship

While some publications were quick to ascribe the film to “transphobia” in their critiques, labeling the content as egregiously offensive. Daily Wire retorts that such reviewers have yet to encounter the unsettling reality faced by athletes like Gaines, who competed against Lia Thomas in locker rooms. Out Magazine expressed their discontent with “Lady Ballers.”

Lia Thomas and Riley Gaines
Lia Thomas (L) and Riley Gaines (R) [Pic Credit: AP/Imago]

Criticizing the film’s approach to parodying the contentious subject of biological males participating in female sports leagues for competitive advantage, The motion picture satirizes the notion that a cisgender man might anytime, anywhere declare womanhood and dominate a women’s sports competition. Sharing her experience on Fox News with Harris Faulkner, Gaines recounted a tied race against Lia Thomas

Thomas is a biological male who controversially competed in NCAA women’s swimming — where she witnessed Thomas receiving the trophy for photographs. Gaines’s staunch support for the integrity of women’s sports has not been without controversy. She has faced intense backlash and protests for opposing the participation of biological males in female sports leagues. It demonstrates the high stakes of advocating for the preservation of women’s athletics.

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