Former swimmer Riley Gaines roars by SHATTERING gender norms in sports, paving the way for fairness and inclusion

Former Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines champions gender-neutral language in sports for a fairer playing field.

Former swimmer Riley Gaines roars by SHATTERING gender norms in sports, paving the way for fairness and inclusion

Riley Gaines [ Pic credit: Imago]

Riley Gaines has taken a risk by questioning the terminology used to refer to sexes determined at birth. Gaines, a well-known supporter of gender equality in women’s athletics, is speaking out against the use of the word “biological” to describe gender. She is certain that this phrase is both pointless and divisive.


Gaines has made the deliberate choice to exclude the biological prefix while referring to herself as a “woman” in her pursuit of an equal playing field in athletics. She was motivated to change the terminology because she was worried about the consequences.

Gaines has experience playing competitive sports. She developed a desire for equity in sports competitions as a result of her swimming career at the University of Kentucky. She has criticized the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee for failing to address the potential physical advantages that men may have over girls in sports.

Gaines contends that although certain sports have set rules to deal with this problem, others are still clouded by uncertainty. Gaines is concerned about this ambiguity, especially in light of transgender athletes.


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Riley Gaines out to end the use of biological gender terminology

She worries that if there are no clear standards in place, transgender athletes may compete in sports where the playing field is uneven, which might jeopardize the competition’s fairness. When voicing her opinions on these groups, Gaines is forthright.

Riley Gaines
Riley Gaines ( Image via National Review )

Gaines believes financial concerns and fear of legal action drive the reluctance to address the issue. She thinks this hesitation endangers female athletes, especially in physically demanding sports. Gaines argues against using the word “biological” for gender, advocating for transparency and fairness.

She has shown her dedication to fairness by avoiding controversial biological terms. Instead, she prefers a more inclusive strategy. Gaines calls for swift action from sports bodies to tackle gender inequalities and aims to promote a more inclusive and fair future for all athletes. She also focuses on ensuring safety and fairness for women in sports.


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