“We were utterly disregarded and totally violated,” Riley Gaines takes brutal SWIPE at NCAA president Charlie Baker for jeopardizing women’s safety in sport

Riley Gaines blasts NCAA for being silent and irresponsible on matters regarding safety of women's in women's sport.

“We were utterly disregarded and totally violated,” Riley Gaines takes brutal SWIPE at NCAA president Charlie Baker for jeopardizing women’s safety in sport

NCAA president Charlie Baker and Riley Gaines [Image Credit: The Boston Globe/Imago

Riley Gaines, a previous standout college swimmer, claimed on Wednesday that the NCAA president, Charlie Baker, was conscious of the athlete’s uneasiness while competing against Lia Thomas at the 2022 competition. Furthermore, they were forced to change into the same locker room with male genitalia in full exposure.

On Tuesday, Baker was present at Capitol Hill and appeared to be discussing the former president, Mark Emmert, and how the NCAA dealt with the Thomas controversy. Gaines questioned Baker’s policies as he was trying to distance himself from the controversial situation stating that his responses “were entirely disingenuous.”


She further continued to say that the locker room was unisex, meaning anyone could come in and go, making women’s safety quite questionable. “To be totally frank, any pervert who wanted to had full access to that locker room.”

Charlie Baker, who replaced Mark Emmert, as the current NCAA president was repeatedly questioned about how the NCAA plans to handle things from now on. He said that “we have very specific rules” in place now and hopefully a situation like the 2022 locker room will not take place again.

His reply failed to make Gaines believe him as the women’s rights activist stated that silence is not the answer. There needs to be proper action to make athletes believe in the organization.

"We were utterly disregarded and totally violated. What they were protecting, of course, was the privacy and the safety of a man at the expense of us."
Riley Gaines statement as per Fox News Digital

Riley Gaines slams NCAA for being irresponsible in acts towards women safety in women’s sports

Riley Gaines clarified her intention for Charlie Baker to grasp the immense challenges faced by women athletes during the NCAA Championships. She further went ahead to note that she had sent him “numerous letters and emails” but none had any active reply.

Riley Gaines [Image Credit- Liberty University]
Riley Gaines [Image Credit- Liberty University]

During the conversation, she highlighted the sentiments of female athletes, expressing discontent and a sense of abandonment resulting from the unfair competition the absence of privacy, and the exposure of male private parts in their changing rooms. Furthermore, Gaines blasted Baker for saying that he “‘didn’t knowif anyone from NCAA has reached out“, despite her attempts to talk over the matter.

"They don't want to be responsible or accountable at all, which is pretty telling that they know it's wrong."

Her conversation centered around the necessity of grasping the scientific proof that indicates the ineffectiveness of hormone therapy in attaining equal opportunities in academic institutions. She desired to have an opportunity to meet him face-to-face and have a conversation about the perspective of female athletes like herself.


Gaines hoped that they could find a way together to make a fair and safe place for everyone to play. Gaines has not received any response to this letter in the past ten months. Regrettably, similar to her lack of response from former NCAA President Mark Emmert, she has not gotten any feedback.

No response has been given by the NCAA to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. Fans are questioning the organization’s way of handling sophisticated matters like women’s safety and privacy in the sport.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo has now asked Baker to provide reports of the currently changed policies. They will be further reviewing them to check if these rules will be providing women athletes their safe place in locker rooms or not in the face of trans athlete participation.


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