“I’ve tried everything,” Olympian Simone Biles challenged to her wits end as fur puppies wreak HAVOC in-house

Biles and Owens own three adorable puppies. One is a girl named Lilo, and the other two are boys named Rambo and Zeus.

“I’ve tried everything,” Olympian Simone Biles challenged to her wits end as fur puppies wreak HAVOC in-house

Simone Biles with her dogs [Image Credit- People]

In her spare time, Simone Biles likes to unwind and spend time with her animals. She does this when she’s not at the gym or cheering for her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens. Recently, she was busy because her dogs were causing trouble and she shared about it on Instagram. Together with Owens, Biles has three dogs: Lilo, a girl, and two boys, Rambo, and Zeus.

She recently talked about how difficult it is to control her two boy dogs, who keep marking their territory even though she tries her best. Biles has tried many things like sprays, diapers, and cleaning her carpets, but nothing has helped with the smell. “I’ve tried everything – sprays – diapers – belly bands – professional carpet cleaning & they won’t stop,” the multi-time Olympic gold medalist said.


What began as a quest for dominance between the two French bulldogs has escalated into turmoil at home, as they bicker over playthings and space. At a particularly stressful point, Biles contemplated if she should find a new home for them, reaching out to her followers for advice. Yet, there’s a glimmer of hope. Like a true devoted pet owner, Biles has resolved to give her pets one more chance.

She uploaded a snapshot of Rambo and Zeus peering from their crates in the car’s back, on their way to an 8-week training camp. She and Owens are now trying a new way to fix the problems even though neutering and training did not work.

Simone Biles’ pets receive huge love from fans on social media

Much like Simone Biles has won over the affection of her admirers, her French bulldogs, Lilo and Rambo, have also found a place in the hearts of many. Acquired in 2018 and 2020 respectively, these French bulldogs are not only cherished by Biles but have gained quite a following on social media. Their joint Instagram account, The Biles Frenchies, boasts nearly 76,000 followers who are treated to their endearing antics and charm.

Simone Biles
Simone Biles with her dogs [Image Credit: Instagram]

The Olympic gymnast frequently posts updates of her time with her lovable pets, including moments of relaxation by the pool or within her home. Biles has even shared tales of their mischievous behavior which at one point led to an amusing appeal for assistance on the internet. Recently, a delightful new update emerged from Simone and her canine companions.

The gymnast has now teamed up with Nulo Pet Food for their “Feel Incredible” campaign marking her debut in an ad campaign. This update comes as a heartening contrast to the trouble the dogs had previously caused in the gymnast’s life, demonstrating the special bond between Biles and her furry friends would be hoping this can at least help her and Owens out in trying to control her two adorable puppies.

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