TikTok WHIMSCIALLY takes down and reinstates ex-Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines’ reaction video towards non-binary activist

Social media platform TikTok took a major step and surprisingly removed Riley Gaines' reaction video towards a non-binary user who used several neopronouns. They have now reinstated the video without any explanation.

TikTok WHIMSCIALLY takes down and reinstates ex-Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines’ reaction video towards non-binary activist

Riley Gaines (Pic Credit: Wikipedia)

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines has become one of the most popular figures in the athletic world this year. While she may not have won gold medals or set extraordinary records, her actions off the field have made her a household name across the US. The 23-year-old has become popular for her stand for women against trans athletes and continues to be highly active on the internet.

Recently, she shared a video from her TikTok where she took a silent dig at a user. In the video, Gaines was seen eating something on one side while a user introduced herself using several “neopronouns”. The video would go viral on the social media platform. However, it was soon removed from the site with Gaines left stunned. That video has now been reinstated much to her delight.


Gaines would share the news of the video being removed on her Twitter account. According to her, this action took almost 15 days after it was originally posted. “The video just got removed from my tik tok for violating community guidelines but I literally didn’t say a word,” she posted.

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What did TikTok say in their response to the removal of Riley Gaines’ video?

Riley Gaines
Riley Gaines (Pic Credit: LGBTQ Nation)

Social media is one of the most powerful things of the current age. Several numbers of content are published daily through it. TikTok is also one of the popular social media sites in today’s time. They have set a strict policy and do not tolerate any kind of “hateful behavior,” or content that could damage a person’s ideology. For them, this was the case with the Riley Gaines video.


The company has refused to offer any comment on why the video from Gaines’ account was removed. It is though believed that the company thinks that the women’s advocate violated their rules. While Gaines did not utter a single word in the video, she was thought to have been laughing at the user for stating their identity. After some review, the video is back on TikTok.

Gaines has been highly vocal in the past few months. Her feud with her rival Lia Thomas, has generated a lot of buzz. The two swimmers have taken jabs at each other while standing on their ground regarding the trans athlete issue. In June, Gaines also spoke before the US Senate and fired shots at Thomas and the NCAA for their poor treatment of her and other female participants.

It is likely that Gaines will stand tall and continue to fight along in this trans athlete involvement in women’ sports issue. She was recently also spotted with Texas Governor Greg Abbott as he signed a historic bill in their favor and laid a ban on trans athletes.


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