“Should have not gone through what they went through,” Riley Gaines shares video of being ATTACKED by protestors following ceremonial bill signing in Texas

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines was among several prominent figures being attacked by protestors on Monday. The incident took place in Texas as Governor Greg Abbott signed the "Save Women's Sports Act".

“Should have not gone through what they went through,” Riley Gaines shares video of being ATTACKED by protestors following ceremonial bill signing in Texas

Riley Gaines (Pic Credit: Fox Sports)

The topic regarding the ban on the involvement of trans athletes in women’s sports knows no end. Every day several debates on this heated topic are ignited all over social media with former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines grabbing the spotlight. She has now shared a video of her being attacked by protestors in Texas.

Gaines along with several prominent female competitors were present in Texas on Monday for a huge development. Governor Greg Abbott had officially signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act“. The bill was originally passed way back and was made official after this ceremonial signing. As per this bill, biological males will not be allowed to compete in women’s and girl’s sporting events in educational institutions across the state of Texas.


Gaines who has gained popularity for her work in this fight was once again targeted. The ex-Kentucky swimmer had faced similar threats before and was involved in a heinous attack at the San Francisco State University in April. While these times there were no reports of physical attacks, Gaines and others were showered with water and spits.

You don’t waste ammo on something you don’t want to hit. We’re right over the target,” the women’s advocate tweeted from her account. In the video shared, a protestor was seen throwing water at the group during the protest.

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Governor Greg Abbott unimpressed with attacks on Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan

Riley Gaines has time and again had a go against the rules. She has continued to stand her ground and fight for the safety of women in sports. Her actions led to many joining her in this movement. While her actions have been praised by many, she has also made a few enemies along the way. There was no love lost during the protest on Monday.

During the signing, Governor Greg Abbott mentioned how some women are being forced to compete against biological males like Gaines and Paula Scanlan. The duo have been highly vocal and have also voiced their concern before the US Senate. The two swimmers were the ones who received the most hostile reception from the crowd something Governor Abbott hoped to avoid.

I wish that they could have peacefully heard what Paula and Riley had to say,” Gov Abbott mentioned. He further added, “They should have not gone through what they went through.” While Abbott’s statement clearly showed signs of concern, the damage was already done. This has now led to questions being raised about the security at the event and how such actions took place in the first place.

The state of Texas is now among twenty different states across the US to pass similar bills. This bill signed on Monday will come into effect from September 1 as the talks regarding the participation of trans athletes in women’s events continue.


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