“I really don’t see it,” Breckie Hill dismisses all comparisons on looking similar to Olivia Dunne amidst their ongoing beef

Livvy's arch rival Breckie Hill does not like herself being called similar to the LSU Star in terms of looks.

“I really don’t see it,” Breckie Hill dismisses all comparisons on looking similar to Olivia Dunne amidst their ongoing beef

Olivia Dunne (Image via Fox Sports)

19-year-old social media sensation Breckie Hill is currently engaged in a much high-profile beef with LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne. Over the past few weeks, the two celebrities have engaged in a war of words, with Hill calling Livvy a “bit*h” in her recent statements.

The two gymnasts have tens of millions of views on their social media and are insanely popular figures within the United States. Using the NIL, Livvy has been able to gain an immense amount of fame and support beyond her sport, which has helped her amass fans, especially teenagers and young adults.

Seems like fans cannot help but notice the uncanny similarity between Olivia Dunne and Breckie Hill, which Hill is not appreciative of. Breckie Hill rose to fame for her lip syncing videos on TikTok. In a podcast, she says, “I feel like we just do our makeup the same and we’re blonde. I really don’t see it.” Many Livvy fans also accuse her of mimicking the LSU star. To this, Hill replies, “Mimicking? Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t say mimicking.”

Olivia Dunne’s rival Breckie Hill does not think that she looks like Livvy

Olivia Dunne
Olivia Dunne (Image via Marca)

Olivia Dunne has become one of the most lucrative collegiate athletes in the United Staes, thanks to the NIL regulations of the NCAA. Due to her social media presence, she is able to earn at least $1 million every month. She says that she could never even imagine how NIL would change her life such drastically.

The beef between Livvy and Breckie Hill started when Hill found out Dunne blocked her on all social media platforms. Seems like Hill is pretty much frustrated with all the comments comparing her to Olivia Dunne.

She says, “I’d been getting comments on my TikToks for, I’d say at least a month or two, saying ‘Oh, Livvy 2.0,’ and then they’d tag her. And then I went on her Instagram because I remember I followed her and I was like blocked. This was before any of the drama happened. So I was like ‘that’s weird, why am I blocked?

She further talks about how she has dealt with these comments. Hill adds on further, “I ended up replying to one of the comments.. and her friend reached out to me and was like ‘Hey, Livvy thinks this is weird, can you delete it? And I was like ‘Well, Livvy blocked me so if she wants to say anything to me she can reach out herself. So, I kept the video up.”

It is not like Breckie Hill has always hated Livvy. Had she gotten clarification regarding the comments from her fans, perhaps the air would have been much clearer between the two influencers. She praised Livvy and says, “I think she’s very talented with her gymnastics, but I don’t understand what she was trying to do with blocking me. If she had a problem she could have talked to me.”

On the other hand, Olivia Dunne recently qualified for the NCAA Regionals and will soon be traveling to Denver with the LSU Tigers team. She is expected to play a crucial role in the Tigers’ shot at the Championship, despite being out for several months due to an injury. Currently, the LSU Tigers stand No.6 in ranking.

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