Is Lia Thomas transforming back to being a male?

The NCAA champion has faced a lot of heat for taking part in women events and has been demanded to drop her titles

Is Lia Thomas transforming back to being a male?

Lia Thomas posing with a trophy (Image via Sky Sports)

American athlete Lia Thomas is no stranger to controversy. Her status as a transgender swimmer has sparked numerous debates on her eligibility to participate in women’s events and the honors she won. It seems like Thomas is regretting this decision and is hoping to go back to the roots.

As per reports, Thomas in a recent interview with ALLOD Sports, mentioned that she has achieved all her dreams and now wishes to return as a male. “I’ve accomplished my goals. I think I did all I set out to do. I think I’ve reached the end,” Thomas said.


This comes at a crucial time when many organisations have started to ban transgender athletes to compete in women-only events. A week ago, Megan Rapione and Sue Bird were among 40 athletes who signed a letter opposing the anti-transgender bill. This report soon started circulating on Twitter and Thomas received various backlash.

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Reports of Lia Thomas going back to being male are false

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[Lia Thomas. Pic Credit: People]

In her career surrounded by controversies, Thomas has set records as a male and female competitor. Several athletes have demanded her off being stripped of the records she set as a female swimmer. Born in Texas, her swimming career kicked off when she was six. Thomas spent three years participating in the male category in 2017.


Two years later, in 2019, Thomas started her hormone replacement therapy. By the 2020-21 season, she started participating in the women’s category. This therapy made her lose enough mass and muscle. In 2022 she became the first ever open transgender to win a national-level championship in any sport. However, the report of her wishing to transform back to a male has been clarified as false.

Various experts and fellow athletes have called out Thomas for participating in women’s events. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis indirectly called her a fraud. Meanwhile, Riley Gains has continued to rip her apart. The duo is tied with 12 championships to their name. The swimmer also slammed Thomas for giving her voice to US President Joe Biden’s proposed changes in Title IX.

Founded in 1972, Title IX protects and prohibits sexual discrimination in any school or other educational institution whose funding is related to the Federal government. Biden’s administration has received mixed reactions to their proposed plan to bring changes to this law.


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