Usain Bolt’s millions of dollars reportedly go missing from accounts

Usain Bolt’s millions of dollars reportedly go missing from accounts

In another shocking incident, Usain Bolt fell victim to an investment scam and lost millions of dollars from his account. A probe is currently investigating this matter, as reports suggest. According to Bolt’s manager Nugent Walker, Jamaica’s Financial Investigations Divisions and Financial Services Commission are investigating this case at investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).


According to Walker, Bolt only learned about this incident on Wednesday. As some reports suggest, a former SSL employee is under the radar of investigation. He was involved in the embezzlement of funds, which included missing funds from Usain Bolt’s accounts.

The situation has been reported by SSL to the police as well. However, no information has been provided on the amount of money lost or defrauded.

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Usain Bolt loses billions of dollars in a fraud

Usain Bolt [Credits – British GQ]

According to reports, Usain Bolt’s manager Nugent Walker has told the Jamaican newspaper Gleaner that the eight-time Olympic medalist learned about these discrepancies on his account on January 11, 2023. Gleaner reports that Bolt’s manager has not revealed the money lost due to the ongoing investigation.

This incident happened under the scrutiny of Jamaican investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL). According to Walker, Bolt has been involved with the firm for over 10 years. Currently, his entire portfolio is being reviewed following this shocking incident.

Gleaner reports that one former employee from SSL was involved in a vast fraud, which might have caused the loss of funds in Bolt’s account. Lawyer Tamika Harris represents this employee. Speaking to the Gleaner, she revealed minute details about the case, saying that her client and SSL are currently in discussion about this case.

According to Investopedia, Usain Bolt has a net worth of around $90 million. By the end of his career, he had earned $31 million in prize money, sponsorship deals, and appearance fees in 2016. Bolt has won eight Olympic gold medals in four different tournament editions. His debut in the Olympics was at the 2004 Athens Olympics.


The Jamaican athlete has earned enough throughout his career with his incredible performances, making him one of the wealthiest sportspersons in the world. Bolt’s achievements as a sprinter have earned him the nickname ‘Lightning Bolt.’ He was also included in the 2016 Most Influential People by Time Magazine. Bolt retired from professional athletics in 2017.

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