WATCH: Fighter with oil in hair gets HILARIOUSLY stopped by ONE Championship referee

Referees stopped fighters from entering the cage for unfair advantages. One Championship posted a funny video on their Instagram handle.

WATCH: Fighter with oil in hair gets HILARIOUSLY stopped by ONE Championship referee

One Championship posted an hilarious video featuring a referee (via Instagram)

One Championship recently posted a hilarious video of referees stopping fighters before they enter the cage. A Referee is the one who is responsible for ensuring that no fighters use an unfair advantage. As such, every referee checks the fights before they enter the cage to ensure the fight is fair. Here, two fighters were caught by the ONE referees for unfair practices. It was funny because these were silly things that the fighters should know of.


In this video, a referee stopped a fighter, Yodsanan Sityodtong, from entering the cage as he had lubricated his hair with oil or some substance. Then, he bought a towel to scrape the oil off. Later, another referee stopped another fighter, Amir Aliakbari, as he didn’t trim his nails. Then, he trimmed the nails of the fighter and let him enter the cage.

Excessive oil lets the fighter escape headlocks easily, not to mention it would be uneasy for his opponent when in the ground and clinch positions. On the other hand, untrimmed nails could cause serious damage to the opponent’s skin and eye if they come in contact. The referees had keen eyes to stop them and resolve the situation.

One Championship is one of the leading promotions of mixed martial arts. They promote not only MMA but most of the combat sports in general, like Muay Thai, grappling, and kickboxing.


Fans react to video of fighters getting stopped from entering the cage:

One Championship is one of the prestigious combat sports promotions. One of the reasons for that was prioritizing safety for the fighter and ensuring fairness of a fight. As such, they recently posted a video of their referees catching fighters who came out with unfair advantages. One had excessive oil on his hair, and the other came with untrimmed nails.

One Championship referee checking fighters before their fight (via Instagram)

That is why a referee needs to check the fighters before their fight. Here are the top comments from the fans:

Since the world of mixed martial arts is very competitive, every fighter looks for the slightest advantage they can get over their opponents. As such, some fighters are intentionally involved in malpractices, and some are just naive. In this video, we do not know if the fighters did them intentionally or not, but it looked hilarious for the MMA community. Fans also appreciated the referees for their sincere work.

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