Packers set to face Jalen Hurts’ Eagles in the first ever regular season game in Brazil

The Philadelphia Eagles will be the home team in the contest.

Packers set to face Jalen Hurts’ Eagles in the first ever regular season game in Brazil

Jordan Love and Jalen Hurts (Via Imago)

A huge surprise for NFL fans. The first game of the 2024 season between the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles will be hosted internationally. Instead of the US, it will be hosted on the soil of Brazil.

Every year, some games are scheduled to be hosted on the international soil. For the first time since 1970, the first NFL game of a season will be held on a Friday.

This landmark first international game in South America demonstrates the ongoing expansion of our global footprint. Playing on Friday night of Week 1 is a unique way to highlight our international growth and ambitions. 
Roger Goodell said in a statement

The Eagles will be considered the home side in that game. This will be their second international game in their history, also making the Eagles the fifth team to get the ‘home’ tag in an international game. The rest four are Carolina Panthers (Munich, Germany), Jacksonville Jaguars (London, England), Chicago Bears (London) and Minnesota Vikings (London).

The Eagles’ latest addition Saquon Barkley was also excited to take part in an international game. In his tweet, the running back shared the excitement with the fans.

BRAZIL. Let's get it!
Saquon Barkley wrote on X

Packers vs. Eagles – Brazil will become the fifth country to host the NFL international series

The NFL started its international series in the year 2007 with the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins playing the first international game. Later the international series garnered more popularity. Mexico City, Toronto, and London hosted a lot of games. Last season, the international game was hosted in Germany.

Now, after all these countries Brazil has become the fifth country to host the NFL with a new feather being added to the hat of the country. It is worth noting that the game will be hosted by the Corinthians Stadium.

Jordan Love Packers
Jordan Love (Via Imago)

It is to be seen who emerges victorious in the game. The two best quarterbacks Jalen Hurts and Jordan Love will have a faceoff. After last season, the Packers with the leadership of Love will be one of the dark horses of the NFL.

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