“Asked me to p** you” – Paige VanZant gets Dillion Danis to shockingly admit to bizarre se*ual favor in heated online spat

Dillon Danis and Paige VanZant engage in a heated exchange over sl*t-shaming.

“Asked me to p** you” – Paige VanZant gets Dillion Danis to shockingly admit to bizarre se*ual favor in heated online spat

Dillon Danis feuds with Paige VanZant (Image via: IMAGO)

Dillon Danis rose to notoriety after Khabib Nurmagomedov jumped out of the cage at UFC 229 to confront him. Even though he began his combat sports career as an expert BJJ expert, he has grabbed headlines recently for his sl*t shaming escapades. His recent target is ex-UFC heartthrob, Paige VanZant.

Since he signed to fight Logan Paul in a boxing matchup, Danis has taken sl*t shaming as a weapon for publicity. He sl*t shamed Nina Agdal, Paul’s fiancee, resulting in a defamation lawsuit. VanZant revealed he never thought Danis was a real fighter which the latter responded in kind. However, it did not silence the ex-UFC fighter but made her respond in kind.

You [Dillon Danis] kind of backed yourself into a corner because now you have to come with proof of this alleged affair, right? Because the only time I remember ever seeing you in Vegas was at the UFC athlete retreat. You walked up to me in a bar, asked me to p*g you in front of multiple other UFC fighters, and I laughed in your face.
Paige VanZant via X

Danis had also trolled the husband of the ex-UFC strawweight. To this, VanZant had an interesting response. She stated her husband, Austin Vanderford, has a wife, friends, and a real MMA resume – things Danis supposedly does not and will never have. As expected, Danis has responded fiercely.

...You must have forgotten why I asked you to p** me because that stank pu**y filled the room from all the Alpha Male gym members who've nutted in you.
Dillon Danis via X

Nevertheless, the feud with Danis is not a priority for the ex-UFC strawweight. After all, she has a fight booked against Elle Brooke, in the main event of Misfits boxing card on May 25. Brooke is familiar with Danis as the latter once choked the former out unconscious.

How did the beef between Paige VanZant and Dillon Danis begin?

It’s not uncommon for Dillon Danis to have online beefs. After all, he has done it against multiple people. His recent beef is with Paige VanZant, who like Danis, will make her crossover to boxing. Interestingly, the beef began when she answered a question about MMA fighters transitioning to boxing.

Paige VanZant feuds with Dillon Danis
Paige VanZant feuds with Dillon Danis (Image via: IMAGO)

Danis is one of the MMA fighters who recently transitioned to boxing. However, in a recent interview, VanZant said something, that infuriated the former training partner of Conor McGregor. She stated he was not a real fighter. Therefore, the comparison was unfair. As expected, Danis took to X to state his response.

...Paigey [Paige VanZant] baby, just because I didn’t wife you doesn’t mean you have to be petty. Don’t make me bring up our two trips to Vegas and ruin your marriage.
Dillon Danis via X

Paige VanZant is very popular on OnlyFans. Even UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley has admitted to peeping on her OF. Since many, especially Danis, equate women on OF as sl*ts, VanZant would certainly be a target of Danis for some time.

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