Pat McAfee saves the day as 35-year-old female WWE star leaves in an ambulance in the middle of Raw

Pat McAfee replaced Samantha Irvin as the ring announcer on the latest episode of Raw.

Pat McAfee saves the day as 35-year-old female WWE star leaves in an ambulance in the middle of Raw

Pat McAfee and Michael Cole (via WWE)

Since his return to commentary at this year’s Royal Rumble, Pat McAfee has been a prominent source of entertainment alongside fellow commentator Michael Cole. They have delivered many fun moments on every episode of Monday Night Raw. This week’s episode of Raw saw him doing something fans had never seen him do before in desperate times.

Bron Breakker absolutely destroyed Ricochet backstage with a devastating powerslam onto a car. The attack was so brutal that it forced the charismatic highflyer to be checked by medical staff. Utterly shattered by the attack on her fiancé, Samantha Irvin left in an ambulance, leaving the spot open for a ring announcer. McAfee replaced her as the ring announcer for the main event of the show.

On the latest episode of Raw, Drew McIntyre wrestled Finn Bálor in the main event. McAfee announced both competitors’ entrances. He added some hilarious details during both entrances, like mentioning that The Prince had zero fat percentage on his body. The 37-year-old star also mocked the notorious group, referring to them as “Bum a** Judgment Day.” Meanwhile, he called McIntyre a “big handsome b**tard from Scotland.”

After observing how he announced the superstars, Cole had some hilarious advice for him. First of all, he said that wasn’t the appropriate way to make the announcement. After the veteran advised him to work on his vocal delivery, fans had nothing but praise for the awesome duo, who provided entertainment throughout the whole show.

Fans react to Pat McAfee replacing Samantha Irvin as the ring announcer on Raw

The WWE Universe immediately expected hilarious chaos when Pat McAfee took the mic in his hands to introduce Drew McIntyre. While some fans loved the unexpected change, others didn’t find the funny side of it.

Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee (via WWE)

One fan loved the 37-year-old’s unique style of announcing and couldn’t stop his laughter, especially at The Scottish Warrior’s entrance. Meanwhile, another fan jokingly criticized him for not mentioning Liv Morgan during Finn Bálor’s entrance. Here are some of the top reactions from fans:

Some fans found it surprising to not have a replacement ready in crucial moments. Other fans loved the segment and called it “glorious.” Other fans were quite worried, thinking they might not see Irvin in WWE ever again. Meanwhile, one user stated that everybody wanted to hear him poke fun at JD McDonagh’s forehead. 

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