Was Bron Breakker’s brutal beatdown on Raw a confirmation of Ricochet’s last appearance in WWE?

Ricochet's current WWE contract is set to expire this summer.

Was Bron Breakker’s brutal beatdown on Raw a confirmation of Ricochet’s last appearance in WWE?

Bron Breakker and Ricochet (via WWE)

On Saturday, news spread that Ricochet‘s contract with WWE was nearing expiration. More importantly, the high flyer had given notice to the promotion that he wouldn’t extend. Therefore, WWE had planned to write off the former Intercontinental Champion from creative plans very soon. That being said, it seems that the WWE Universe may’ve seen the last of him on last night’s episode of Raw.

After Bron Breakker wiped out Ilja Dragunov with three spears, he continued the beatdown on the outside. Moments later, Ricochet arrived to save the day by leaping over the barricade to attack the second-generation star. However, the night wasn’t over for The One And Only. Prior to the main event, all three men engaged in a backstage scuffle.

When it came down to Breakker and Ricochet, things took a brutal turn. The former NXT Champion recreated the infamous WCW spot involving Kevin Nash and Rey Mysterio by throwing the 35-year-old onto a production truck. If that wasn’t already enough, Breakker went on to powerslam his rival through a windshield. As a result, Ricochet was driven out of the arena in an ambulance with his fiancee, Samantha Irvin, by his side.

Given the severity of the segment, this was most likely the high-flyer’s last appearance for WWE. Hours before the latest episode of Raw, PWInsider reported that Ricochet was not scheduled for any upcoming events. Hence, last night’s edition was the planned send-off for the former NXT star. Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for the real-life Trevor Mann.

Will Samantha Irvin be leaving WWE after Ricochet’s contract expires?

With Ricochet leaving WWE, fans were curious about Samantha Irvin’s status. While the high-flyer is one of the best wrestlers in the world, the ring announcer has proven herself to be a valuable asset for the company. Hence, her leaving would arguably be a bigger loss.

Samantha Irvin with Ricochet
Samantha Irvin with Ricochet [via- WrestleTalk on X]

That being said, the aforementioned report suggested Irvin wasn’t going anywhere. Moreover, there isn’t any concern that she’ll be departing WWE anytime soon. Since signing with the promotion in 2021, the 35-year-old has risen in prominence.

At WrestleMania XL, she solely took on the ring announcer duties for both nights. In fact, she garnered praise for her performance, especially during the emotional wins of the weekend. Therefore, Irvin is expected by fans and officials to continue with WWE in the coming years.

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