22-year-old female champion calls CM Punk a “HYPOCRITE” after serious advice backstage 

Roxanne Perez retained her title after defeating Jordynne Grace at NXT Battleground. 

22-year-old female champion calls CM Punk a “HYPOCRITE” after serious advice backstage 

CM Punk (via WWE)

Roxanne Perez continued to prove everybody who doubted her wrong, as she retained her NXT Women’s title against TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace. When The Prodigy was still angry at the fact that she still had to prove to the WWE Universe her worth, CM Punk met her and gave her some advice. However, she rejected his advice and called him a hypocrite. 

On the NXT Battleground PLE, Roxanne Perez met TNA’s Jordynne Grace in one of the most anticipated matches of the night. The match included some outside interference, as Tatum Paxley came out and showed her obsession with Grace’s TNA Knockouts title. However, the crowd was in for a surprise, as Ash By Elegance, formerly known as Dana Brooke, came out and tried to snatch the title off the hands of Paxley. 

After The Big Mama Pump thwarted them both with her belt, it was all the time Perez needed. She retained the title by hitting Grace with the Pop Rox. However, she was angry at the WWE Universe for taking her win as a surprise. When The Prodigy called CM Punk a hypocrite, he was bamboozled and asked the interviewer if she was always like this.

The interaction between both was quite interesting, as they are so much closer in real life. Perez, along with Cora Jade, consider The Second City Saint their wrestling ‘dad’. Not only that, but the 22-year-old star has also shown love for her wrestling ‘mom’, AJ Lee. She considers her one of the inspirations for her to start wrestling. 

WWE Women’s Champion Bayley praised Roxanne Perez and Jordynne Grace

Bayley, along with the fans, appeared to be genuinely thrilled about the match between Roxanne Perez and Jordynne Grace. Ahead of their match, The Role Model praised both wrestlers on social media and expressed her views on the bout itself.

Jordynne Grace, Roxanne Perez, and Bayley
Jordynne Grace, Roxanne Perez, and Bayley (via WWE)

The WWE Women’s Champion took to social media and expressed how special she felt, marveling over the fact that she had become a complete wrestler at such a young age. She further added that the 22-year-old star was not even in her prime but was still better than many.

Here we gooooo. roxanne_wwe is so special. Such a complete wrestler at such a young age and not even close to her prime. And from one champ to another, I’m so proud to see JordynneGrace in this ring!
Bayley on X

After Perez’s win over the TNA Knockouts Champion, Bayley sent her a message saying she was so proud of her. Meanwhile, she is embroiled in a heated rivalry with Chelsea Green and Piper Niven, and she will defend her title against the latter in Scotland. It will be interesting to see whether The Role Model walks out as a champion after Clash at the Castle on June 15.

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