Patriots regret drafting Drake Maye as the No.3 overall pick, claims ex-SB champion Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress highlighted the lack of match experience for Drake Maye should have been a concern for the Patriots before selecting him.

Patriots regret drafting Drake Maye as the No.3 overall pick, claims ex-SB champion Plaxico Burress

(L) Drake Maye and (R) Plaxico Burress (Image via IMAGO)

Jerod Mayo and the New England Patriots perhaps made a mistake drafting North Carolina’s Drake Maye as the third overall pick in the 2024 Draft claimed Plaxico Burress. The retired Super Bowl-winning wide receiver pointed out the Patriots’ head coach’s first press conference after the first week of the rookie minicamp was enough to deduce that they were wrong.


During the latest episode of The Craig Carton Show, host Craig Carton asked Burress about his opinion of Maye. Without wasting any time, Burress threw his hot take.

It doesn’t sound good to me if I was Jerod Mayo and the fans for the New England Patriots, because basically what you just said is that ‘we might have drafted the wrong guy! I am gonna paint this picture right now. He may not as be as good as we thought he would.
Plaxico Burress said

ESPN Draft specialist Mel Kiper Jr. projected Drake Maye to be a late first-round or early second-round pick. However, as the draft date drew near, Maye’s stock kept rising and eventually, the Patriots made him the third of the five quarterbacks selected in the top 10.

Plaxico Burress pointed out Drake Maye’s lack of game time in college

The 21-year-old had played the least of the QBs in the top 10. He sat out the first season for the Tar Heels, before making the starting quarterback spot his own in the final two seasons.

Patriots regret drafting Drake Maye as the No.3 overall pick, claims ex-SB champion Plaxico Burress
New England Patriots quarterback Drake Maye (Image via IMAGO)

Burress highlighted that the Patriots must have known that Maye only played a total of 26 games and that too in the ACC a division according to him wasn’t as strong compared to either the SEC or the Big 10.

Listen, this guy only played 26 games in the ACC for 3,600 yards. The ACC is not exactly the SEC or the Big 10, so you're talking about 3,600 yards and 26 touchdowns in college. And you drafted with the third pick. You ask them to be the Savior? Yeah, good luck.
Plaxico Burress said

The Boston, along with every big media outlet, saw a red flag after Mayo’s press conference after the first week of rookie camp ended. He honestly revealed that Maye required a lot of work and was an unfinished product.

Perhaps they forgot that the new Patriots head coach said the same after the NFL Combine.

I would say a guy like Drake Maye has a lot of room to grow. He's a young guy and honestly, he hasn't played football nearly as much as these other guys. So that's definitely something that we've looked at. But he is going to develop.
Jerod Mayo told CBS News

The Patriots still picked Maye despite his apparent lack of match experience. And Burress might have forgotten that several of the NFL starting quarterbacks came from the ACC. Most notably, Russell Wilson (NC State), Trevor Lawrence (Clemson), and Sam Howell (North Carolina). The former Giants’ assessment of the division may be presumptuous.

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