Paul George reveals his intention of vengeance against last year’s hate

Paul George has already been averaging a mammoth 25.3 points per game in the 2020-21 season

Paul George

The Los Angeles Clippers have been a tough opponent. With individual skill set so high, the team game has shown some unpredictable triumphs. From offence to defense, the team has a perfect balance to the rosters this year. The LA Clippers stand just behind their arch-rivals from Los Angeles, the Lakers. Being, 9-4 in the league they have been constantly climbing the power performance this season. Unlikely to this year, for now at least, the Clips had some serious humiliation in Bio-Bubble playoffs. Last year, everyone expected the team to perform, yet they failed.

The star line up of Clippers has Paul George and Kawhi Leonard as the starters superstars. Their inability to deliver in mattered, wrecked their title run last year. Despite Kawhi being carried for his lack of performance, Paul George was hurled some serous banters. He was exploited to harsh criticisms and alleged acquisitions. After Doc Rivers said that he is the one who doesn’t like to be coached, George was seen in a dark phase.

Paul George guarantees a prime performance

The tough fighter George really doesn’t seem to back off. Put to such serious allegations and criticism has really not ended his will and morale. The all-star has promised that he would put up a MVP kind of performance this year. His only priority after 2020 season was bouncing back stronger and prove all the critics wrong.

The Clippers are already on a 3 game winning streak after a 38-point victory over the Sacramento Kings. George has already been averaging a mammoth 25.3 points per game! George revealed, “After (last season), it was the only way I could respond. I immediately went straight to a dark phase where I had nothing but to get better… I’m coming back with vengeance… People saw weakness. I had to address that.” The 6-time all-star is head strong on proving his worth.

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