Paul Pierce believes LeBron James himself voted for Celtic rival on surprising ‘GOAT’ list

Paul Pierce and Lebron James have had a bitter sweet relationship over the years.

Paul Pierce believes LeBron James himself voted for Celtic rival on surprising ‘GOAT’ list

Paul Pierce believes LeBron James voted for him in the GOAT list.

NBA veteran and Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce recently has been a topic of controversy in the NBA world. The star’s ranking in the greatest of all-time list voted by current players did not sit well with fans. Discussing the topic on Fox’s Undisputed, Pierce made an interesting assumption about his only voter.

To start the conversation, Paul Pierce joked about getting ranked 6th overall in the list revealed by the Athletic. Later, co-host Skip Bayless asked Pierce who he thinks voted for him. The star surprisingly believed that his on-court rival LeBron James might have voted for him.

What if LBJ voted for me? I did play against him, he must think something. What do you think about that?… We had some tough battles. It could have been LB .

Paul Pierce via Undisputed

The duo certainly had their battles as Pierce was at the peak of his career while James played for the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Boston Celtics had to fight both teams in numerous Eastern Conference battles. Hence, James has certainly got a taste of Pierce’s dominance in the early 2010s.

However, James himself is on the list just behind number one, Michael Jordan. Hence, there is a high chance LBJ voted for himself as the GOAT. But there is no denying that Pierce had a fantastic career in Boston, and will be considered in the legendary pack of the franchise’s history. But the identity of his only voter for the GOAT list will remain a mystery.

Paul Pierce trolled LeBron James and the Lakers with his T-shirt

Ever since the Los Angeles Lakers were announced to play against the Denver Nuggets in the first round of playoffs, Pierce had no faith in James and the team. The Lakers have been unable to win against the Nuggets since last year’s Western Conference Finals. This led the ex-Celtic to believe that the Lakers had no chance against the Nuggets.

Pierce’s prediction is on the verge of turning into a reality as the Lakers have lost the first two games of the series. Pierce did not miss the opportunity to troll the Lakers after the second loss and wore a ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ t-shirt during Undisputed.

If this wasn’t a ‘Who’s your daddy?’ moment game then I don’t know what was

Paul Pierce via Undisputed

The saying became famous during the Nuggets sweep in conference finals last year. The Lakers’ tragic record against the defending champions this year has given rise to the saying. The pressure is only going to increase for the men in purple and gold as they move ahead in the series.

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