“This is the weakest draft known…” Paul Pierce claims 2024 is perfect time for Bronny James to get into NBA

Bronny James has the opportunity to shine the brightest in his draft class.

“This is the weakest draft known…” Paul Pierce claims 2024 is perfect time for Bronny James to get into NBA

Bronny James and Paul Pierce

In a recent discussion, 2008 NBA champion Paul Pierce shared his thoughts on Bronny James‘ decision to enter the NBA Draft. The announcement came unexpectedly just over a week ago, with James Jr. opting to enter the 2024 NBA Draft while retaining his college eligibility. His decision surprised many, especially since his name was dropped from mock drafts in late March.


Despite not meeting expectations in terms of numbers, Bronny James’ entry into the draft has injected momentum into the 2024 draft class, which lacks star power compared to recent years. His potential to succeed in the league will be a key factor in determining his draft prospects, highlighted by Pierce.

The draft, probably the weakest draft known in my lifetime. This is the perfect opportunity to do this. You know there's no impact players out there that's gonna change a team's fortune right now. There's no player that's gonna make a difference next year. This is a great opportunity for him to come out whether it be, drafted, free agent, play with the Lakers one year... So there are some scenarios to where you can Bronny being in the NBA.
Paul Pieces via Undisputed

Pierce makes a great point talking about the impact of this year’s draft class. Last year, Victor Wembanyama created the biggest hype of all in the draft. In 2022, Paolo Banchero and Chet Holmgren were the ones to highlight their class. As the 2024 draft class doesn’t have an X-factor to it, and reiterated by Pierce, Bronny has a great chance to get drafted this year.

There are multiple possibilities of Bronny James landing in L.A.

Bronny James‘ current draft projection isn’t known yet. Though wherever he lands apart from the Lakers, the Lakers will look to make a push to trade for the 19-year-old. This is one of the many possibilities that might bring Bronny to play with his father, LeBron James. On the other hand, King James will have the chance to exercise his player option for the 2024-25 season.


If Bronny is projected for the pick in the 40s, teams like the Kings, the Knicks, and the Sixers will have a shot at drafting him. Trade possibilities among the Lakers and the team that drafts Bronny will be in high demand. This particular trade will require giving off useful assets as well as multiple draft picks.

So far, there are only predictions as to where Bronny will land. Following the draft lottery, there will be a much clearer picture of Bronny’s destination. It will be interesting to see the Lakers trade for James Jr. if the need ever arises. Meanwhile, the front offices will look to play out the best possibilities of welcoming Bronny as a useful “3 and D” youngster.

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