Paulo Costa’s performance at UFC 253 confused Dana White; he says “It was very weird”

The UFC president Dana White has given his reviews about Paulo Costa's performance in the post-match UFC 253 press conference. He thinks Costa's performance was very weird.

Dana White and Paulo Costa

The most awaited fight of the year took place this Sunday at UFC 253, which was also the main event of the night, Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa. The people all around the world had many hopes from Costa, they thought he is going to be a great competitor for Adesanya but Costa didn’t live up to the expectations of the people.

Costa was unable to land even one clean strike on Adesanya and the last style bender totally dominated him in the fight. Costa was knocked out by Izzy in the second round and he was even humiliated by him after he lost the fight.

Adesanya outlasted Costa in all the régimes and that gave Costa his first defeat. The Last Style bender showed that he can fight anyone no matter how hyped that fighter is, it’s just a normal day in the Octagon for Izzy.

Dana White’s view about Costa performance

Dana White

At the UFC 253 post-match press conference, Dana White said even he was confused about Paulo Costa’s game plan. He said, “So much for ‘Fight of the Year’ – it was ‘Domination of the Year, It was weird because if you look at every other fight that Costa has had, he comes out and goes after people like they owe him money”.

I think he landed one jab in this fight. He didn’t try to clinch on the fence, didn’t try to put pressure, kept going back to the center of the octagon. It was very weird. If he fought the way he fights – I mean look at the way he fought Yoel Romero, one of the most dangerous guys ever, and then he stays on the outside, taking damage to that front leg“.

 White said. “Then when he does rush in and get him up against the cage, he backs out to the center of the cage again, never tried to get in the clinch. I think he only landed one jab, didn’t really thrown any punches when Izzy threw kicks. It was very weird. I just sat there going, ‘Holy ****.’ Obviously, Adesanya went to work, pieced him piece by piece, made it look really easy.

He also praised Adesanya’s performance saying, “No matter what, it was Adesanya put on a clinic,” White said. “The first three calf kicks busted up his leg and got him right in the side of the knee. Costa had a huge welt on the side of the knee, and then the shin to the eye and just absolutely dismantled him. Adesanya easily won the fight.”

See the full post match interview here:

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  1. Costa you lost your chance already, it wasn’t a competition, it was a clear domination,Izzy always looking ahead .Costa is done and dusted.


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