“A cage so damn slippery,” Claressa Shields reacts to her first-ever combat sports loss at the 2021 PFL Championship

Claressa Shields is not fazed by her first-ever combat sports loss at the 2021 PFL Championship.

Claressa Shields MMA loss
Claressa Shields reacts to first combat sports loss

Claressa Shields experienced a new feeling after her second MMA fight. The “GWOAT” faced the first-ever defeat in her combat sports career at the 2021 PFL Championship.

Claressa Shields, an Olympic medalist and boxing champion, was undefeated her entire career. The fighter decided to transition to MMA and even had a successful debut. But her second fight yesterday saw Shields facing her first combat sports loss in her professional career. Claressa took on Abigail Montes and fought a great fight. The former boxer put on a great show and lost via split decision. Fans across all combat sports went crazy seeing Claressa lose for the first time but the fighter herself has taken a positive attitude towards this defeat.

Claressa went on Twitter to talk about her loss at the 2021 PFL Championship. “I lost a split decision. I didn’t get my ass whooped and I also improved. All I’m going to do is go back to the drawing board and keep learning. No one said this journey was going to be easy. MMA is new to me, I’m fighting on a world stage after only 9 months of training,” wrote Shields on her private Twitter account.

“The difference in last night was I’ve never had to fight or even train in a cage so damn slippery. It’s all learning & just different from boxing. I did a lot of things right last night. I just lost a split decision.”

Claressa Shields hints at a break from MMA

Claressa Shields PFL
Claressa Shields

Though Shields has only fought twice in her MMA career. The undefeated boxer has decided to return to her forte and come back stronger into the world of MMA. “I’ll return to boxing in December and continue my undefeated journey there and MMA we ain’t done! I got something for y’all ass next year! It’s on now! Y’all done fired me up with this one! Watch my next MMA fight I’ll be on a different level! Not discouraged at all!” wrote Claressa.

She didn’t stop there. “This is funny. You come running when I lose a split decision in a whole new world MMA but never even once said “congrats on all you’ve done and aspire to do.” 2 things that remain, Jake, I still fight better than you & you won’t accomplish 10% of what I have in boxing or life. Unlike Jake I fought a real MMA fighter, he has yet to face a real boxer in boxing,” said Claressa taking shots at her new foe, Jake Paul.

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