“Dana messed up” – Free agent Michael ‘Venom’ Page facing off PFL superstar has UFC fans in worry

Michael Page and Cedric Doumbe faced off inside the PFL smart cage recently. Page was expected to fight in UFC until the PFL appearance.

“Dana messed up” – Free agent Michael ‘Venom’ Page facing off PFL superstar has UFC fans in worry

Michael Page and Cedric Doumbe teased a potential fight with a face off inside PFL cage (via IMAGO/X)

PFL Europe 4 went down this weekend in Dublin, Ireland. It featured the finals of the four divisions in the PFL Europe 2023 season. As such, many European stars were in attendance, including Cedric Doumbe and Michael Page. Later, the PFL fighter Doumbe entered the smart cage for an interview with the PFL presenter. He took the opportunity to call out the Bellator star ‘Venom.’

The duo shared a face-off inside the PFL cage, sending waves across the MMA world on social media. Michael Page was earlier expected to sign with the UFC as his name was seen on a slip-up footage in Dana White’s war room. He was paired up with Kevin Holland for the UFC 297 main card. Page and Doumbe shared a friendly and smiling face-off at the recent PFL event. This teased a potential matchup between them under PFL. As such, it would be unlikely that Dana White would sign Page.


Cedric Doumbe was a two-time Glory Kickboxing Champion who transitioned to MMA in 2021. After winning four fights in MMA, he signed with the PFL. This year, he debuted for PFL against Jordan Zebo in September. He impressed the fight fans with a 9-second knockout. Being a credited striker, his callout of Michael Page received a positive reception from the fight fans.

Michael Page was a flashy striker and a certified Bellator legend with a record of 21 wins and two losses. Nevertheless, he parted ways with Bellator this year and welcomed free agency. As such, the UFC expressed interest in signing him. However, Cedric Doumbe’s callout of him might result in ‘Venom’ fighting under PFL.

Fans react to the faceoff between Michael Page and Cedric Doumbe

Cedric Doumbe and Michael Page cut out a promo to a potential fight between them in the recent PFL event. Doumbe called out Page in his interview, and for the first time, ‘Venom’ entered the smart cage to share a friendly face-off. The two stared at each other with smiles and hugged each other at the end. After this, MMA fans were excited to see the credited strikers square up.

Cedric Doumbe  called out Michael Page in PFL Europe
Cedric Doumbe called out Michael Page in PFL Europe (via X)

Michael Page was rumored to fight in the UFC after being spotted in the leaked fight card of UFC 297. However, no official news came from the UFC, and now he might fight under the PFL. ‘Venom’ had a face-off with Cedric Doumbe inside the smart cage, and the fight fans reacted to it. Here are some exciting reactions:

Fight fans were excited about the fight between Michael Page and Cedric Doumbe. However, a few people criticized his move and a few were disappointed that he wouldn’t be in the UFC. Anyway, people love the exciting fighting style of ‘Venom’ and would tune in wherever he fights.

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