$450 million Floyd Mayweather called out for faking ‘VVVVIP’ Christmas luxury shopping by UFC legend

UFC legend Chael Sonnen can notice things which most people miss. He analysed Floyd Mayweather's recent shopping spree at midnight and pointed out the inconsistencies.

$450 million Floyd Mayweather called out for faking ‘VVVVIP’ Christmas luxury shopping by UFC legend

Chael Sonnen questions the validity of the Floyd Mayweather shopping video (via YouTube/ Asian MMA)

Former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather created a buzz on social media. In a video, he said he hired an entire mall at midnight to spend $15 million on Christmas presents. Mayweather is infamous for flaunting his money. He displayed many stacks of cash while claiming the benefits of being a very important person. On the other hand, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has questioned Mayweather’s bluff, calling him “an exceptional troll.”

Sonnen studied Mayweather’s footage carefully. He pointed out that the fighter was whispering into the camera, presumably to avoid alerting workers and fellow customers nearby. Mayweather’s quiet tone, according to Sonnen, revealed the bogus nature of his claim that he had hired out the whole mall for a secret shopping spree. This is what he said:


This is great. Floyd is whispering into the camera, so he doesn’t alert workers and fellow shoppers around him as he pretends he rented the mall out. Truly, an exceptional troll.
Chael Sonnen via X

Sonnen’s skepticism adds a fascinating layer to Floyd Mayweather’s extravagant display of riches. ‘Money,’ Mayweather’s nickname, reflects his extravagant lifestyle and love for displaying riches. However, critics like Sonnen call such performances into doubt, claiming that Mayweather’s outbursts are intentionally staged for public attention.

The argument over Mayweather’s genuineness and the rationale behind his showy displays of riches continues. Chael Sonnen’s insightful remark has added skepticism to Mayweather’s story, sparking additional debate in the sports and entertainment industries.

Fight fans react to Chael Sonnen’s take on Floyd Mayweather’s video

Chael Sonnen’s critique of Floyd Mayweather’s video sparked a flood of responses from fight fans. They reacted to Floyd Mayweather’s video claiming to have hired a mall at midnight for a $15 million Christmas shopping spree. The fight fans also reacted to Chael Sonnen’s following comments challenging the legitimacy of Mayweather’s deeds with skepticism, earnestness, and humor.

Fight fans react to Chael Sonnen's analysis of Floyd Mayweather's video
Fight fans react to Chael Sonnen’s analysis of Floyd Mayweather’s video

Some fight fans voiced serious reservations about Mayweather’s motivations and behavior. They implied that the video was part of a never-ending need for recognition despite his already considerable accomplishments. Others reacted to Mayweather’s video’s perceived loneliness. They remarked that spending such huge sums of money did not always correspond to a satisfying or happy existence. Here are some of the reactions from fight fans:

The mixed responses show the polarising nature of Mayweather’s public image. Some fight fans were pleased by the display of wealth. However, others were scathing of what they saw as fake and inauthentic behavior.

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