Phil Mickelson BOLDY claims that no LIV player wants to play for PGA Tour despite SHOCKING golf merger

Golf veteran Phil Mickelson has once again fired his shot on Twitter. The Lefty has now claimed that no LIV player wants to play for PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson BOLDY claims that no LIV player wants to play for PGA Tour despite SHOCKING golf merger

Phil Mickelson (Pic Credit: SB Nation)

The golf merger in June came as a huge surprise to everyone. Following two years of intense bickering and exchanging of words, the PGA Tour and LIV Golf decided to cast their rivalry aside. The two tours along with the DP World Tour announced a merger that would shake up the golf world. Will questions continue to arise regarding the near future, veteran golfer Phil Mickelson has made a bold claim.


Mickelson also known by his nickname of “The Lefty”, is a popular figure in golf. The six-time major champion was one of the huge names to switch sides in golf. He is also highly active on social media and continues to engage with users. Before the whole merger talk, he was actively engaged with Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee and Eamon Lynch over playing for LIV.

As soon as the news broke out, debates regarding whether LIV players will be welcomed back to PGA Tour ignited as well. While some players like Rory McIlroy hoped that these players are punished, some remained silent. As per the framework agreement released, the LIV players will be given a chance to re-apply for their memberships for their previous respective tours.

However, Mickelson has now claimed that no LIV player wants to play for the PGA Tour. While replying to a Twitter post by a user which suggested players will be sanctioned based on their actions, he called it “a colossal waste of time.” The post also claimed that these players will need to start from the beginning to get their membership back.


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Phil Mickelson advises PGA Tour to start thinking about future sanctions as players keen to join LIV Golf

The LIV Golf establishment itself came out as a big surprise. So to see several key figures leave the traditional tours to play for the breakaway tour stunned some fans. Golfers who joined the PIF-funded tour were constantly criticized, heckled, and abused. Phil Mickelson has now not only claimed that these players do not want to appear for PGA Tour, but he has also claimed that they need a public apology.

It would require a public apology and restitution to LIV players for paying millions to clout media to disparage all of us,” Mickelson further added. The HyFlyers GC captain added that they (PGA Tour) should be thinking about the sanctions to impose for future players.

Recently, LIV CEO Greg Norman stated that he is getting a lot of calls from players, wanting to join them. The future of LIV Golf is also uncertain as per the framework agreement. However, Norman along with Yasir-Al Rumayyan, the PIF governor, have told the players that they are here to stay. It would be interesting to keep an eye on LIV’ future


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