PSG vs Real Madrid: Which team has better player ratings in FIFA 22?

The PSG vs Real Madrid debate in FIFA 22 will be settled down below with comparison between the top 10 players from each team!

PSG vs Real Madrid
PSG vs Real Madrid in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is going to release very soon on on October 1st, 2021 worldwide and players can look forward to their favourite teams in the game. Here is a comparison between PSG vs Real Madrid player ratings in FIFA 22.

Real Madrid and PSG are two great teams with a great roster of players with high overalls in this edition of the game. Many of the ratings for the players have been revealed in the official page of EA, but many are still a speculation. However, we still compare the two teams this edition to have a general idea on who has the better squad.

PSG vs Real Madrid

PSG vs Real Madrid
PSG in FIFA 22 (image via.

PSG is definitely one of the major powerhouses on this edition of FIFA with the helm manned by none other than Lionel Messi, with the highest overall rating in the game. His 93 ratings beats out everyone this season and is definitely the shining point of PSG. Other than him we also have some giants such as Neymar with 91, Mbappe with 91 and Sergio Ramos with 87.

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Real Madrid however, lacks in the 90s department this year but makes up for it with many high 80s. The real star for this edition is definitely Karim Benzema with a mean overall of 89. He is also followed by Casemiro with 89 and Thibaut Courtois with an 89 as well.

PSG vs Real Madrid: Top 10 player ratings comparison

PSG vs Real Madrid
Real Madrid in FIFA 22 (image via.

The top 10 players will reveal who will come out on top between PSG vs Real Madrid in FIFA 22.

RankReal MadridPSG
1Casemiro 89Lionel Messi 93
2Karim Benzema 89Kylian Mbappe 91
3Thibaut Courtois 89Neymar 91
4Toni Kroos 88Gianluigi Donnarumma 89
5Luka Modric 87Sergio Ramos 87
6Eden Hazard 85Keylor Navas 87
7David Alaba 84Marquinhos 86
8Marco Asensio 83Angel Di Maria 86
9Ferland Mendy 83Georginio Wijnaldum 85
10Fede Valverde 83Achraf Hakimi 84
PSG vs Real Madrid: Top 10 players
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The comparison between the top 10 players clearly sets out the difference between the two teams. PSG has some really high rated players among the top 22 along with the best player this season. For the FIFA 22 this year, the PSG squad are undoubtedly a notch above the Real Madrid. The PSG vs Real Madrid in FIFA 22 debate has thus reached its conclusion with PSG scoring one to zero!

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