PUBG India Private Limited registers as an Indian company, Check Full Details Here!

PUBG India Mobile Private Limited registered as an Indian company in Banglore Karnataka and the Managing Director will be Mr. Kumar Krishna Iyer


PUBG Mobile is still on the edge of release all the fans have been waiting to play PUBG Mobile eagerly. There were false rumors on the game would release for Diwali in India later by 20th November. All the Fan players are tired of the wait and losing patience here. The least that the fans of PUBG Mobile India expecting is the trailer. It seems that the Government is yet to lift the ban officially. It seems like we have to wait more patiently for the release and the trailer. Now PUBG India registers as an Indian Company

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PUBG India registers as an Indian company:

PUBG Mobile registers as an Indian company now on 21st November. The Instagram post by Liquipediamemphiz shows proof of the company registration. PUBG Mobile India will be registering as an Indian company in Banglore, Karnataka. The managing director of PUBG Mobile India Private Limited will be Mr. Kumar Krishnan Iyer. Hyunol Shon is the head of corporate Development at Krafton/ PUBG Corporation. Also PUBG Mobile India Private will be investing $100 Million in India.

Click here to see the complete Instagram photo by Liquipediamemphiz

About Kumar Krishnan Iyer :

He is presently one of the most eminent persons in India. He holds Directorship in 10 Known companies in India like Spotify India, Accuweather India Private Limited. There are no records of this millionaire. He has no records on Instagram, Linkedin, or any other social media. No interviews of him by anyone here. But seems to be a very sophisticated millionaire in India. He holds an active directorship of Indian Rupees 27,78,01,890.00 (27.78 cr). The first company that he was appointed as Director was Outdoor Advertising Professionals India Limited. Now the most recent one PUBG Mobile India Private Limited. He is the longest-serving Director in India on Board.

So, now it’s confirmed that PUBG Mobile India will be releasing soon in India and we will have to keep some more Patience. As PUBG India registers as an Indian company it’s clear that the government will also be lifting the ban soon.

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