Radiant Ranked Cheating Valorant Player: Solista, Banned on Livestream

A clip from Solista, the cheater's live stream, which has gone viral, shows North America's 65th highest-ranked player handed a ban while playing the game.

Cheating Valorant Player : Solista

Radiant ranked cheating Valorant player ‘Solista’ is well-known in the streaming community for being the 65th ranked player of North American Valorant, and now, well, for using cheats and hacks to climb his way to the top. The cheating Valorant player was handed a live ban during his stream today whilst his fans noticed some suspicious shots coming from him without him even clicking his mouse. A clip from the cheater’s live stream, which has since gone viral, shows North America’s 65th highest-ranked cheating Valorant player handed a ban while playing the game.

Reaching the top of any game takes time, dedication and innate skill, it’s the reason we celebrate those that do and it’s also the reason we detest those that take the easy route to the top by using cheats.

Radiant ranked Valorant cheater, Solista, banned on stream | GINX Esports TV
Cheating Valorant Player, Solista

Cheaters not only ruin just the literal matches they are in, but their actions have more far-reaching consequences; skewing leaderboards, taking attention away from those more worthy, and destroying player’s trust in a game’s potential to provide fair competition. The brewing defamation faced by the same would go a long way in keeping players distanced from the lucrative hacking schemes.

Solista: The Radiant Cheating Valorant Player

The VALORANT streamer in question named Solista is one of the top-ranked VALORANT players in the world and is currently Rank#65 in the VALORANT NA region. Achieving this rank is not an easy task as it means he is in the top .2% VALORANT players in the world. Solista’s current VALORANT stats are 53.1% win rate in competitive with a KD ratio of 1.22. His most played champion in VALORANT in Reyna and his weapon of choice in VALORANT is the Vandal. The now cheating Valorant player has his full stats publicized stats on the tracker.gg website.

Valorant cheater Solista, banned on livestream | Screen Lately
Hacker Detected: Solista

On the surface, the Las Vegas native had an impressive Valorant C.V. Boasting a Radiant rank and the no.65 player in North America, one of the most competitive regions in the game, he had few equals. Though it turns out now that he got there by cheating. Nevertheless, all these impressive stats mean nothing any longer as recently Solista was caught cheating by Riot’s anti-cheat software Vanguard and banned immediately, while streaming live.

It appears that Valorant’s infamous Vanguard system wasn’t the one responsible for catching the cheating Valorant player, as the Anti-Cheat Police Department, who work closely with Riot Games and other developers, tweeted the clip and requested players continue reporting cheaters in the group’s discord channel.

Whenever a cheater is detected in VALORANT a message pops up and informs all players about the termination of the match. During one of Solista’s recent Livestream, the red warning message popped up on his screen. Soon after that, Solista was banned and a message popped up, “You have been banned from playing VALORANT”. Letting out the least convincing, “What really dude…?” Viewers couldn’t help but think he knew his time was coming at one point.

The moment the cheating Valorant player was banned came during a live match and his reaction as he was greeted with the red account banned message says it all:


Subsequent clips also emerged showing Solista snapping on targets heads and also shooting without pressing the mouse button. The clip that emerged today shows the reason Solista, the cheating Valorant player was caught and banned by Riot Vanguard. It was clearly seen in the clip how he gets a kill on the Sage without even clicking his mouse. The later half of the the clip also shows him again get a kill on the Raze without his finger even being near the mouse button.

Hacker: Solista

All of this evidence points towards the fact that Solista was using Triggerbot in VALORANT. Trigger bot is a type of aim-assistance where the ‘hack’ automatically clicks the gamer’s mouse for when the crosshair is over a target. While Solista has neither confirmed nor denied that he uses cheats, strangely enough, the cheating Valorant player seems to be relishing the attention, in a Twitter account linked to his Twitch he has been retweeting those praising his ban and also has a bio that claims he uses his space bar to shoot.

While Valorant players are happy regarding the cheating Valorant player, Solista’s ban, a portion of the player base are also questioning Riot’s anti-cheat system on how the cheater managed to climb all the way to Radiant and ranked 65th in North America without receiving a ban. It is advised for Valorant players to keep reporting suspicious players in-game, and chances are that they’ll be banned by Riot’s anti-cheat system at some point if they are indeed cheating.

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