Carlo Ancelotti says Real Madrid declined FIFA’s invitation to Club World Cup, club announces otherwise just hours later

Real Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti have seemingly come to a difference in opinion after the latter claimed that they will not participate in the FIFA Club World Cup.

Carlo Ancelotti says Real Madrid declined FIFA’s invitation to Club World Cup, club announces otherwise just hours later

Carlo Ancelotti and the Real Madrid management appear to be in a conflict of interest (Via IMAGO)

Real Madrid and club President Florentino Perez have been engaged in a long-standing disagreement as to the conduct of the UEFA Champions League in its revised format. On the other hand, the Los Blancos have come up with their very own edition of the competition and have named it the European Super League. While no significant developments have come up regarding the same, a new conflict of interest has come up in the Club World Cup.

In a recent interview, Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti insisted that the revamped model of the competition makes it extremely difficult for clubs to participate in the same. The manager was clear in his conviction that Madrid will decline the offer to participate in the tournament.

Teams will not participate in the new Club World Cup. A single Madrid match is worth €20 million and FIFA wants to give us that for the entire tournament. We will decline.

Carlo Ancelotti told il Giornale

The Los Blancos have won the competition five times in their history, with Ancelotti claiming two of the same. Madrid recently won the UEFA Champions League against Borussia Dortmund.

Real Madrid issues ‘contrasting’ statement immediately after Carlo Ancelotti comments surface

While Carlo Ancelotti remains adamant that Real Madrid will not participate in the revised edition of the FIFA Club World Cup, club management think otherwise. The reigning UCL champions immediately qualify for the competition by virtue of their Champions League title. Despite being the most successful club in the competition with five titles, there appears to be a difference in opinion within the club regarding the same.

Carlo Ancelotti
Real Madrid have won 5 FIFA Club World Cups in its history (Via IMAGO)

Shortly after Ancelotti made his comment, the cub released official statement confirming their participation in the tournament.

It was never in doubt. We will participate in the Club World Cup and compete to win the trophy for our fans.
Real Madrid management announced in an official club statement

Fans have taken notice of the same, and have started to contemplate as to there being a difference in opinion within the club. Many have called out FIFA, stating that the Club World Cup is just another ‘meaningless’ competition for FIFA to make money off of clubs. The Los Blancos will receive direct entry into the semi-finals of the competition.

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