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Red Bull’s wet weather gains at Imola ‘Surprise’ for Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen surprised after Red Bull's 2021 challenger being able to adapt to the wet conditions at Imola so well

Max Verstappen

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix saw Max Verstappen taking the trophy ahead of 7-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton. Although the weather had a huge part to play, the Dutchman revealed his surprised reaction about the car being able to adapt to the rain ever so well and appreciated Red Bull’s effort of doing so in the press conference. 

Even though tater on, in the safety car period, Verstappen had a big moment and nearly spun. Nevertheless, the Dutchman lived to fight on and dominated the rest of the proceedings. 

What did Max Verstappen say? 

Max Verstappen said, “Yeah, it’s never easy a race like this; it’s quite stressful out there to make the right calls. The key, I think, was to have that good launch, which was also a bit of a surprise to me! After last year, where we always struggled in the wet, over the winter and the beginning of the year we definitely made some improvements with that and today it was very good. 

“But then after that, to make the right call from intermediate to slick tyres was not easy.” 

The Red Bull driver noted that a few of his rivals put on slicks tires. Unfortunately for them, the gamble did not pay off, and they were struggling a lot. However, the intermediate tires were not as effective either. 

Max Verstappen admitted that he had to be so pinpoint accurate, that a few centimeters off line could spell disaster. But once he and everyone else slipped on the slick tires, all was fine. 

Unfortunately for him, the red flag that came out because of a lot of debris scattered around Turn 2 canceled out his advantage after he and teammate Sergio Perez got good starts. But resting everything aside, the bottom line stays, Verstappen clinches #1 spot at Imola.

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